Political Authority, Social Control and Public Policy

Cara E. Rabe-Hemp
Illinois State University, USA

Nancy S. Lind
Illinois State University, USA

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04 Jul 2019
Emerald Publishing Limited
304 pages - 152 x 229mm
Public Policy and Governance
Political movements and citizens across the globe are increasingly challenging the traditional ways in which political authorities and governing bodies establish and maintain social control. This edited collection examines the intersections of social control, political authority and public policy. 
Each chapter provides an important insight into the key elements needed to understand the role of governance in establishing and maintaining social control through law and public policymaking. Close attention is paid to the roles of surveillance and dissent as tools for both establishing and disrupting the social control of political institutions.
This collection examines the vast implications of increased participation in governance by citizens through dissent, revealing the ways in which this represents both a disruption of social control and a mechanism for increased accountability through surveillance and media. Through its examination of issues such as police militarization, police legitimacy, religion and the state, immigration, mental health policy, privacy and surveillance, and mass media and social control in a post-truth environment, this collection will prove invaluable for researchers, policy makers and practitioners alike.
Introduction; Cara Rabe-Hemp and Nancy Lind 
Integrative Framework The Rhetoric of Social Control; Joseph Zompetti
Part I: Formal Mechanisms of Social Control
Chapter 1. Police Militarization: Implications for Communities of Color; Ashley Farmer, Cara Rabe-Hemp, and Jeruel Taylor  
Chapter 2. Policing Communities of Color: An Historical Examination of Social Control and Protest Management Strategies; Kenneth Bryant Jr.
Chapter 3. Community Policing, Coproduction and Social Control: Restoring Police Legitimacy; Amie M Schuck
Chapter 4. Government Spending and Regulation and Social Control of Neighborhoods; Gardenia Harris 
Chapter 5. Social Control and the Politics of Public Spaces; Katharine Leigh  
Chapter 6. Religion and the State: The Politics of Social Control in Myanmar and the United States; Robert Sterken, Jr. 
Part II: Social Control through Public Policy 
Chapter 7. The Paradox of State Control in the Global Age of Migrations: The 2018 Central American Immigrant Caravan; Andrea Silva and Maura Toro-Morn 
Chapter 8. Social Control and Serious Mental Illness: Understanding and Challenging Current Ideologies; Christopher D. Gjesfjeld 
Chapter 9. Registered Sex Offenders, Policies, and Social Control; John C. Navarro 
Part III: Resistance and Reification: Surveillance, Political Violence & Mass Media  
Chapter 10. Expectations of Privacy in the Age of the 'Snooper's Charter': The Development of the Surveillance-Industrial Complex and its Implications for Democracy; Benjamin Bricker 
Chapter 11. Crime 3.0: Understanding the Post-Industrial Challenge to Security, Policing, and Social Control; Mark Tallman  
Chapter 12. The Impact Of Police Technology Adoption On Social Control, Police Accountability, and Police Legitimacy; Michael Rossler  
Chapter 13. Government Use of Social Control to Address Political Violence and Dissent; Elizabeth Wheat
Chapter 14. The Need to Disrupt Social Control; Amentahru Wahlrab, Sarah M. Sass, and Robert Sterken
Chapter 15. Mass Media, Social Control, and Political Authority in a Post-truth Environment; John McHale
Cara E. Rabe-Hemp is Professor in the Department of Criminal Justice Sciences at Illinois State University, USA. She has won several University and college Research Awards and has co-edited and authored books and peer-reviewed articles in the areas of policing and public policy.  
Nancy S. Lind is Professor of Politics and Government at Illinois State University USA, where she has taught for over 30 years. Her specialties are Public Administration and Policy and American Politics.

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