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Policy studies in developing nations Vol: 4

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17 Dec 1996
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
254 pages - 156 x 234 x 15mm
Policy Studies in Developing Nations
This text addresses the concerns of human rights in developing nations, reviews research, and suggests solutions for the problems. It is divided into three parts. The first section of the book presents an overview, in terms of the history of political terror in the developing world in the years 1980-1991 and also in examining the very term "human rights". The papers in Part II present different ways of looking at, conceptualizing and measuring human rights policies, practices or conditions. This is followed by an assessment of exactly why there are differences in human rights policies, practices and conditions in developing countries. The final chapter in this section reports the results of a study showing that good human rights practices in developing countries are promoted by the presence of democratic institutions.
Integrating institutional and implementation issues into policy decisions - an introduction and overview, Derick W. Brinkerhoff. Part 1 Policy analysis and the new institutionalism; analyzing policy reform and reforming policy analysis - an institutionalist approach, Ronald J. Oakerson and S. Tjip Walker; the institutional analysis and development framework - application to irrigation policy in Nepal, Wai Fung Lam et al; an institutional analysis of local-level common pool woodstock governance and management - implications for environmental policy, James T. Thomson; analyzing bureaucracy and rural development policy implementation - the limits of hierarchy, Norman K. Nicholson. Part 2 Policy analysis and implementation frameworks: a comparative approach to the assessment of decentralization policy in Developing Countries, Richard Vengroff and Ogwo Jombo Umeh; analyzing the role of the public sector in Africa - implications for civil service reform policies, Jerry M. Silverman; sustainability assessment for agriculture policies - comparative cases from agricultural extension, Daniel J. Gustafson; an analytic framework for policy implementation - assessing progress with Madagascar's national environmental action plan, Derick W. Brinkerhoff; exporting policy paradigms - the case of Chinese forestry, Peter deLeon and Vicki L. Spencer. Part 3 Policy analysis and implementation tools: stakeholder analysis and political mapping - tools for successfully implementing policy reforms, Benjamin L. Crosby; interactive policy analysis - process methods for policy reform, Louise G. White; analytic approaches to reducing the costs of corruption - West African livestock marketing and trade policy, John S. Holtzman and Nicholas P. Kulibaba; climbing the objective tree - policy analysis and reform in the Philippines, Alice L. Morton.

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