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Philosophy of Science and Meta-Knowledge in International Business and Management Vol: 26

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25 Jun 2013
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
400 pages - 156 x 234 x 25mm
Advances in International Management
This volume advances the debate on the past, present and future of international business and management research. A truly international group of experts present their perspectives, and ask the question 'What is it that we know?' when discussing major issues and concepts in the field. This annual collection includes a regular special feature on a leading scholar; exploring in this volume the work of Jean-Francois Hennart and his theories on multinational enterprise and strategic management. Part two addresses international business and international management issues from a philosophical perspective, examining key topics such as post-merger integration, dominant design theory, internalizing firms and the strategy-performance relationship.
List of Contributors. Editors’ Biographies. EDITORS’ INTRODUCTION. Introduction to Part I: Booz & Co./Strategy+Business Eminent Scholar in International Management 2012. From the American Challenge to the Dragons at Your Door: Forty Years of Work on the Theory of the Multinational Enterprise. Internalization Theory as the General Theory of International Strategic Management: Jean-François Hennart’s Contributions. Jean-François Hennart: Types of Research, Qualities and Contributions. Introduction to Part II: Do We Do Science? Philosophy and Knowledge in International Business and Management. Inherited Philosophy of Science? Economics and International Business Research. The Road to Relevance. Why Baseline Modelling is Better than Null-Hypothesis Testing: Examples from International Business Research. Ontology and IB: Re-Imagining the Multinational. The Philosophy of Turning Points: A Case of De-Internationalization. Do We Really Understand a Research Topic? Finding Answers through Meta-Analyses. Meta-Analytic Research in International Business and International Management. International Business Research: Understanding Past Paths to Design Future Research Directions. Progress, Maturity or Exhaustion? Sources and Modes of Theorizing on the International Strategy – Performance Relationship (1990–2011). What Do We Know about the Success and Failure of International Joint Ventures? In Search of Relevance and Holism. What Do We Know about Going Global Early? Liabilities of Foreignness and Early Internationalizing Firms. International Technology Transfer and its Implications to Dominant Design Theory. What Do We Know About Post-Merger Integration Following International Acquisitions?. Authors’ Biographies. Philosophy of Science and Meta-Knowledge in International Business and Management. Advances in international Management. Advances in international Management. Copyright page.

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