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Philosophies of the Environment and Technology Vol: 18

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23 Sep 1999
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
388 pages - 156 x 234 x 22mm
Research in Philosophy and Technology


This volume of "Research in Philosophy and Technology" is guest edited by Marina Banchetti-Robino in association with Don E. Marietta Jr. and Lester Embree. In her introduction to the 10 major theme papers that deal with "Philosophies of the Environment and Technology", Banchetti-Robino gives an account of the origin of this original collection, of the importance of the theme, and of the interrelated arguments advanced relative to the theme. This set of papers by a number of well-known figures in philosophical studies both on the environment and on technology - namely J. Baird Callicott, Don Ihde, Larry Hickman, Don E. Marietta Jr., Lester Embree, Frederick Ferre, and Holmes Rolston III - together with a few younger scholars - Tim Casey, Marina Banchetti-Robino and Robert Frodeman - opens new pathways in both environmental philosophy and the philosophy of technology.
General introduction (C. Mitcham). Philosophies of the Environment and Technology. Introduction (M.P. Banchetti-Robino). After the industrial paradigm, what? (J.B. Callicott). Phil-tech meets eco-phil: the environment (D. Ihde). Green pragmatism: reals without realism, ideals without idealism (L.A. Hickman). Decisions regarding technology: the human factor (D.E. Marietta Jr.). Architecture as environmental philosophy (T. Casey). Hermeneutic technics: the case of nuclear reactors (M.P. Banchetti-Robino). The rebirth of Gaia and the closure of homo technologicus (R. Frodeman). Personal environmental phenomenology, or the examination of electric vehicle technology (L. Embree). On matter and machines: an environmental speculation (F. Ferre). A managed earth and the end of nature? (H. Rolston III). Symposium on Michael Zimmerman's Contesting Earth's Future. Zimmerman on feminism, truth, and objectivity (V. Davion). "All in post": on Michael Zimmerman's Contesting Earth's Future (J. Maskit). On Michael Zimmerman's Contesting Earth's Future (S. Vogel). Recognizing the limits of Contesting Earth's Future (M.E. Zimmerman). Review Essays. Critique in communication and philosophy: an emerging dialogue? (C. Ess). Lorenzo Simpson's conversations with technology, modernity, and postmodernity: some critical reflections (D. Kellner). Cyborgs and other machines (M. Nagel). Discussion. Can there be a techno-ethical community? A response to Paul Durbin after After Virtue by Alasdair Macintyre (M. Svoboda). Reviews: Technology, Science, and Culture. Slaves of the machine? (D. Anderson). Birth to death (R. Baergen). Should and are computers replacing workers? (D. Christie). Robert Boyle's unsociable truths (J.G. Edwards). Hitting the outskirts (B. Finken). Time is money (J.M. Fritzman). A journey toward liberation (Y. Goffi). Another angle on STS (J. Hoeg). Thinking video (D. Naaman).

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