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Perspectives on Social Problems Vol: 12

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10 Jun 2000
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
320 pages - 156 x 234 x 17mm
Perspectives on Social Problems


Perspectives on Social Problems
Thinking about Social Constructionism. The apparently innocuous 'just', the law of levity and the social problems of social construction (J. Best). Notes on the delimitation of social problems discourse: two responses and some suggestions (P.R. Ibarra). Appropriating cultural discourses: notes on a framework for constructionist analyses of the language of claims-making (J.W. Spencer). Ethos, pathos and social problems: reflections on formula narratives (D.R. Loseke). Dialogical constructionism: toward holistic understanding of social problems discourse (L.T. Nichols). Social Constructionist Studies. Ethnicity in the making: ethnicity work, the ethnicity industry, and a constructionist framework for research (M. Berbrier). The social production of the 'drowsy person' (S. Kroll-Smith). Meanings and measurement of equality in marriage: a study of social construction of equality (S.R. Harris). Race and Gender. Lethal weapons in the hood (N.K. Denzin). The sociocultural dynamics of the physical self: how does gender shape body esteem? (S.L. Franzoi, Z. Chang). Gendered advice and mental health practices (B.A. Beal, C. Brooks Gardner). Accounts of jail work: women deputies' portrayals of their work worlds (S. Stojkovis et al.). Narrative and Textual Studies. The parenting self: narrative resources and identity work in parents' stories (L. Foley, C.A. Faircloth). Social psychology and narrative concepts: explaining individual movement participation (S.A. Hunt). Contextualizing the construction of women and men in South African Aids prevention literature (A.C. Gubrium).

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