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Perspectives on Social Problems Vol: 11

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25 Aug 1998
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
356 pages - 156 x 234 x 20mm
Perspectives on Social Problems


This series is designed to foster debates on the sociology of social problems by presenting a forum where sociologists of this discipline can present and argue opposed positions on epistemological, moral and political issues that are central to the field.
List of contributors. Acknowledgements. Social Problems in Cinema and the Mass Media. Race and the Grand Canyon (N.K. Denzin). The East is... "queer"? Masculinity and desire for the same in recent Hong Kong cinema (J. Schneider). White-collar cinema: changing representations of upper-world deviance in popular films (L.T. Nichols). News themes and ethnic identity: Los Angeles Times news reports Vietnamese, Black, and Hispanic gangs (J. Eyres, D.L. Altheide). Moral discourse and the construction of a presidential sex scandal (M.T. Dickey). Social Problems and Mental Health. Paranoia and its vicissitudes (W. Gronfein). Colonizing the borderland: deconstructing the borderline in psychiatry (J. Wirth-Cauchon). Emotional labour and burnout among mental health professionals (T.L. Scheid). Business-first behavior by Texas for-profit psychiatric hospitals (H. Vandenburgh). Social Problems and Human Services. Witcraft in a state employment office: rhetorical strategies for managing difficult clients (L. Anderson). Conveying the "right" knowledge: rhetorical work with families of the deaf (K. Jacobsson). The achieved coherence of aphasic narrative (T. Halkowski). Social Problems and Diversity. Flaming in public: perceived sexual preference and the public harassment of gay men (C.B. Gardner). Attribution style and racial prejudice: a preliminary study (J. Chin and C.K. Jacobson). Personal adaptation to cultural change: international students? responses to cultural and interactional challenges (T.J. Schmid, R.S. Jones).

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