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Perspectives On Evaluating Criminal Justice and Corrections Vol: 13

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20 Jun 2012
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
250 pages - 156 x 234 x 28mm
Advances in Program Evaluation


A comprehensive and authoritative overview of issues relating to the evaluation of criminal justice/corrections 'interventions', this unique reference draws on a variety of theoretical, cultural and epistemological perspectives with authors from a range of disciplines and countries. It begins by looking at the purpose of evaluation within criminal justice systems as a historical and conceptual background. Methods outlined for evaluating criminal justice focus on educating readers about the design decisions they may face as evaluators, enabling them to make informed decisions when choosing designs that are not necessarily optimal. It raises the question of who evaluation is for, and a clearly informed discussion of the importance of the full range of stakeholders involved in evaluation and the potential impact of participating in evaluations on different stakeholders is presented. With insight into successful and unsuccessful evaluation from the perspective of those who are being evaluated, and a critical examination of the methodological and conceptual difficulties involved in identifying 'effects', this book concludes by looking ahead to the future of criminal justice evaluation.
List of Contributors. Acknowledgments. Preface. Using Theory in Criminal Justice Evaluation. The Risk/Needs/Responsivity Model: The Crucial Features of General Responsivity. Arguments about Methods in Criminal Justice Evaluation. Treatment of Sexual Offenders: Effective Elements and Appropriate Outcome Evaluations. Resolving Ethical Issues in Randomised Controlled Trials. Critical Qualitative Theory: Opening up the Black Box of Criminal Justice Interventions. Within-Treatment Change: Finding the Individual in Group Outcomes. Propensity Score Analysis. Developing Offender Engagement: Evaluating Probation Trust Pilots. Offenders at the Heart of Evaluation. From Text Books to Footpaths: Making Real-World Research Stick at the Coal Face. About the Authors. Index. Perspectives on Evaluating Criminal Justice and Corrections. Advances in Program Evaluation. Advances in Program Evaluation. Copyright page.

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