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Performance Measurement and Management Control: Contemporary Issues Vol: 31

Marc J. Epstein
Rice University (Retired), USA

Frank Verbeeten
Utrecht University, The Netherlands

Sally K. Widener
Clemson University, USA

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11 Jul 2016
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
400 pages - 152 x 229 x 24mm
Studies in Managerial and Financial Accounting


Volume 31 of Studies in Managerial and Financial Accounting (SMFA) covers contemporary issues in performance measurement and management control.These papers are taken from 8th Conference On Performance Measurement And Management Control 2015. The topic of this edition is contemporary issues in performance measurement and management control. This is a broad topic by design with the intent of reporting on important research and issues relevant today. For example, papers in the book explore the following: Performance measurement and management control in emerging markets; the use of social and or informal controls; Linkages between creativity, innovation, and control; Innovative control practices in healthcare; Behavioral effects of alternative incentive schemes; Performance evaluation for different organizational designs; Performance measurement in high-performing firms.
PART I: CRITICAL MANAGEMENT CHALLENGES OF PERFORMANCE MEASUREMENT AND MANAGEMENT CONTROL Breakthrough Innovation: The Critical Role of Management Control Systems - Marc J. Epstein The Complex World of Control: Integration of Ethics and Uses of Control - Robin R. Radtke and Sally K. Widener PART II: PERFORMANCE MEASUREMENT AND MANAGEMENT CONTROL: LINKAGES TO SOCIETY Integrated Reporting and Sustainability Reporting: an Exploratory Study of High Performance Companies - Belverd E. Needles, Jr., Mark L. Frigo, Marian Powers and Anton Shigaev Exploring the Effects of Corporate Governance on Voluntary Disclosure: an Explanatory Study on the Adoption of Integrated Report - Giovanni Fiori, Francesca Di Donato and Maria Federica Izzo PART III: PERFORMANCE MEASUREMENT AND MANAGEMENT CONTROL: IMPROVING PERFORMANCE What Matters with PMS? Critical Check Points in the Success of PMS - Tarmo Kadak and Erkki K. Laitinen The Effectiveness of Strategic Performance Measurement System in Creating and Steering Tension - Takahito Kondo and Takeshi Nishii Management Accounting Change in a Manufacturing Company (1946-1975) - Francesca Francioli and Alberto Quagli PART IV: PERFORMANCE MEASUREMENT AND MANAGEMENT CONTROL: NEW DIRECTIONS Budgeting for Transactional Control: the Case of a Russian Oil Company Subsidiary - Elena Panteleeva Performance Management in Central and Eastern European Countries: A Literature Review - Irina Paladi and Pierre Fenies Organizational Control in the Context of Remote Work Arrangements: A Conceptual Framework - Luisa Errichiello and Tommasina Pianese PART V: PERFORMANCE MEASUREMENT AND MANAGEMENT CONTROL IN GOVERNMENTAL AND NONPROFIT ORGANIZATIONS Commonalities and Differences in Public and Private Sector Performance Management Practices: a Literature Review - Jan Van Helden and Christoph Reichard Performance Assessment in the Public Sector the Issue of Interpretation Asymmetries and Some Behavioral Responses - Patricio Rojas
Edited by Marc J. Epstein, Rice University (retired), Houston, TX, USA Frank Verbeeten, Utrecht University, Utrecht, the Netherlands; Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam, Amsterdam, the Netherlands Sally K. Widener, Clemson University, Clemson, SC, USA

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