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Panel Data and Structural Labour Market Models Vol: 243

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02 Feb 2000
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
312 pages - 156 x 234 x 19mm
Contributions to Economic Analysis


Panel Data and Structural Labour Market Models" is the latest volume in a series of four, reporting on the original work of an international group of scholars with research interests in the performance of the labour markets that condition the dynamic labour market experiences of individual workers. The book contains papers focusing on theoretical and empirical modelling of the labour market covering both wage equilibrium models and models for labour market transition. Contributions range from the theoretical or econometric through empirical structural methods and exploratory data analysis based on employer and employee level data. Academic libraries, labour economists, labour and industrial relations research institutes and statistical agencies will find this a particularly useful piece of work.
An Introduction to Panel Data and Structural Labour Market Models. Acknowledgment. List of Contributors. Three elements of personnel policy: worker flows, retention and pay (P. Bingley, N. Westergaard-Nielsen). Employer pay policies and male retirement decisions (P. Bingley, G. Lanot). The relation between wages and labour market frictions: an empirical analysis based on matched worker-firm data (P. Koning et al.). Job destruction and wage dynamics (G.R. Neumann). The equilibrium search model with productivity dispersion and structural unemployment: an application to Danish data (B.J. Christensen et al.). Equilibrium search with human capital accumulation (H. Bunzel et al.). Search friction in the US Labor Market: Equilibrium estimates from the PSID (A.J. Bowlus, S.N. Seitz). Estimating the intertemporal elasticity of substitution in a model with household production: implications for macroeconomics (P. Rupert et al.). Monte Carlo EM-Algorithms for the proportional hazards model with grouped duration data (L. Muus). Econometric analysis of dynamic panel data models: a growth theory example (T. Lancaster, S. Aiyar). A structural model of labour market histories with duration dependence and endogenous search (M.Y. An). Insiders versus outsiders and endogenous search (T. Filges, B. Larsen). The simple analytics of partnership formation (K. Burdett, M.G. Coles). Equilibrium unemployment with wage posting: Burdett-Mortensen meet Pissarides (D.T. Mortensen).

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