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Organization Development in Healthcare: Conversations on Research and Strategies Vol: 10

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12 Jul 2011
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
418 pages - 156 x 234 x 38mm
Advances in Health Care Management


This volume is a collection of critical ideas relating organization science to both operations and accomplishments in the health care environment. A thematic guide for current leaders and practitioners, as well as health administration, business administration and organization development professors and students alike, this work pulls in a broad cross-section of perspectives on the important linkage of scholarship and practice with a solid global perspective. Covering key themes from culture, change, leadership, teams, IT and a systemic perspective of health care overall, it provides both practical insights and theoretical perspectives that will support immediate improvements and encourage longer term dialogue on how organization science can impact the delivery, structure and operations of health care systems globally. "Advances in Health Care Management" provides a forum for leading research on health care management with previous volumes providing reviews of the field, conference papers and research on selected topics including bioterrorism, international health care management, entrepreneurship, patient safety and nursing and health professional shortages.
List of Contributors. List of Reviewers. Dedication. Preface. Introduction. Demystifying and Improving Organizational Culture in Health Care. The Organization's Mission Statement: Give Up Hope or Resuscitate? A Search for Evidence-Based Recommendations. Enhancing the Cultural Competency of Health Care Organizations. The Role of Mission, Organizational Culture, and Cultural Competency in Furthering the Development of Health Care Organizations: A Commentary. Employee Engagement: A Prescription for Organizational Transformation. The Relationship between the Survey-Guided Assessment of Culture within Specific Nursing Work Groups and Readiness for Change. Achieving Organizational Change in Health Care through People and Culture: A Commentary. The Four C's of Leadership Development. Leadership and Organization Development in Health Care: Lessons from the Cleveland Clinic. The Evolving Leadership Development Agenda in Health Care: A Commentary. Addressing Dysfunctional Relations Among Health Care Teams: Improving Team Cooperation through Applied Organizational Theories. Characteristics of Positive Working Relationships between Nursing and Support Service Employees. The Impact of Supervisor–Subordinate Relationships on Nurses' Ability to Solve Workplace Problems: Implications for their Commitment to the Organization. Systems Approach to Address Incivility and Disruptive Behaviors in Health Care Organizations. Condition Critical: Intervening in Health Care Teams and Working Relationships: A Commentary. IT and Organization: A Delicate Partnership. Technological Iatrogenesis: The Manifestation of Inadequate Organizational Planning and the Integration of Health Information Technology. Hit Management Research and the Tip of the Iceberg: Setting a Research Agenda – A Commentary. E Pluribus Unum: Using Group Model Building with Many Interdependent Organizations to Create Integrated Health Care Networks. Health Care Organizations as “Patients”: Transforming the Fundamental OD Paradigm. Sustaining High Performance: Dynamic Balancing in an Otherwise Unbalanced System. Learning to Think Systemically about Health Care Systems: A Commentary. Concluding Remarks. Organization Development in Healthcare: Conversations on Research and Strategies. Advances in health care management. Advances in health care management. Copyright page.

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