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Optimal Growth Economics: An Investigation of the Contemporary Issues and the Prospect for Sustainable Growth Vol: 252

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07 Dec 2001
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
534 pages - 156 x 234 x 30mm
Contributions to Economic Analysis


Optimal Growth Economics" is concerned with the investigation of the contemporary issues in general economics, and growth economics and in the formulation of optimal growth programs, especially the issue of the sustainability of growth. This book proposes the development of optimal growth economics as a distinct, coherent and practical discipline useful for social choice by using the techniques of mathematical modelling and computing to address a wide range of emerging and enduring issues in economics. A considerable number of optimal economic growth models have been developed in the book to address the crucial issues of different branches in economics, including growth and development economics, economic planning, welfare economics, environmental economics, human capital development, political economy, natural resources and the economics of uncertainty.
List of figures. List of tables. Preface. Chapter 1. Introduction. Part A: The framework: theory, concepts and methodology. 2. Optimal growth economics: The framework for modelling and analysis in this study. 3. Computational optimal growth economics: The dynamic optimisation methods. 4. The social discount rate and optimal growth economics: The interrelationships and social choices. 5. Optimal intertemporal environmental economics: Formulation of optimal sustainable growth programs. Part B: Applications : Models of the national and world economy with the environment, ecology and uncertainty. 6. Optimal national economic growth. 7. Optimal intertemporal global economic growth: Growth prospects, globalisation and convergence. 8. Optimal intertemporal climate change economics: A country perspective.9. Optimal intertemporal ecological economics: A cost benefit analysis of growth for global sustainability. 10. Optimal growth economics under uncertainty and complex dynamics. 11. A smorgasbord of topics. 12. Contemporary world and optimal growth economics: Summary, major findings and conclusions. Bibliography.

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