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Non Tariff Measures with Market Imperfections: Trade and Welfare Implications Vol: 12

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25 Jun 2013
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
250 pages - 152 x 229 x 30mm
Frontiers of Economics and Globalization


This volume presents new developments in nontariff measure (NTM) policy analysis by leading authors in the field; from conceptual developments and methodology improvements, to a series of innovative cases studies. A novel policy research agenda underlies the book recognizing that some NTMs are required to sustain market exchange. The investigations address the welfare and trade impacts of standard-like NTMs in presence of market imperfections, their measurements, potential protectionism, and implications for North-South trade and income prospects in developing countries, including for small holders. Several analyses address the potential trade-cost effects of these NTMs through their lack of transparency, their heterogeneity across countries, and constraints to harmonize them and gains from harmonization. Several analyses investigate trade within OECD countries, including looking at export decisions by heterogeneous firms and the effect of harmonization of standards on firm productivity, and exploring the export-enhancing effect of a country's own stringency in standards. Practical policy implications are drawn.
About the series: Frontiers of Economics and Globalization. About the Editor. List of Contributors. Introduction and Main Findings. A Cost–Benefit Approach for the Assessment of Nontariff Measures in International Trade. The Economics and Potential Protectionism of Food Safety Standards and Inspections: An Application to the U.S. Shrimp Market. 3 How to Promote Quality Perception: Brand Advertising or Geographical Indication?. 4 Transparency in Nontariff Measures: Effects on Agricultural Trade. 5 Choosing the Best Model in the Presence of Zero Trade: A Fish Product Analysis. 6 Investigating the Impact of MRL Standards’ Similarity on Trade. 7 The Role of EU Harmonization in Explaining the Export-Productivity Premium of Food Processing Firms. 8 Private Food Standards and Firm-Level Trade Effects: A Dynamic Analysis of the Peruvian Asparagus Export Sector. 9 Trade Effects of Private and Public European Food Safety Standards on Horticultural Imports from Kenya. 10 Stringent Maximum Residue Limits, Protectionism, and Competitiveness: The Cases of the US and Canada. 11 The Participation of Smallholder Farmers in High-Value Export Markets Governed by Standards: The Role of Exporter Procurement Practices. 12 Mutual Recognition of Accreditation: Does it Matter to Trade? Evidence from the Food, Beverage, and Tobacco Industry. Nontariff Measures with Market Imperfections: Trade and Welfare Implications. Frontiers of economics and globalization. Frontiers of economics and globalization. Copyright page.

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