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New Ways of Working Practices: Antecedents and Outcomes Vol: 16

Jan de Leede
University of Twente, The Netherlands

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22 Dec 2016
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
208 pages - 165 x 240 x 17mm
Advanced Series in Management
New technologies, new office concepts and new working environments are all big concepts, and we are just at the start of understanding the impact of these global trends on shaping our behaviors at work. This book describes and analyses the trends known as 'New Ways of Working' primarily addressing the behavioral side of NWW practices as many researchers and practitioners claim the success of NWW is not in IT, nor in facilities, but in behavior. We have to learn and to adapt to the new possibilities of collaboration at a distance. Our managers have to learn and to show new leadership behaviors in order to get the most out of it. And we have to learn how to build organizations that can easily absorb these new practices. Therefore, we present some new data on the use of NWW practices in the Dutch case as one of the leading countries in these global trends, concentrating on 4 HR-related themes: (1) trust, social cohesion and diversity, (2) leadership, (3) teamwork and (4) innovative work behavior. We show that NWW-practices entail much more than just home-based work or telework for a few people. It is changing everyone's work anytime, anyplace, anyhow.
Introduction 1. Finding the Optimal Mix between Telework and Office Hours to Enhance Employee Productivity: A Study into the Relationship between Telework Intensity and Individual Productivity, with Mediation of Intrinsic Motivation and Moderation of Office Hours - Niels Hoornweg, Pascale Peters and Beatrice van der Heijden 2. Boundaryless Work, Psychological Detachment and Sleep: Does Working ‘Anytime Anywhere’ Equal Employees Are ‘Always on’? - Christin Mellner, Göran Kecklund, Michiel Kompier, Amir Sariaslan and Gunnar Aronsson 3. New Ways of Working and Leadership: An Empirical Study in the Service Industry - Jan de Leede and Paddy Heuver 4. Understanding Teamwork Behaviors in the Use of New Ways of Working - Jan de Leede and Joyce Nijland 5. Fostering Innovation: The Influence of New Ways of Working on Innovative Work Behavior - Florian Moll and Jan de Leede 6. A Comparison between New Ways of Working and Sociotechnical Systems - Merle Blok, Friso van der Meulen and Steven Dhondt 7. Outlook: Some HR Implications towards Normal Ways of Working - Tanya Bondarouk and Jan de Leede
Jan de Leede, University of Twente, Enschede, Netherlands

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