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New Vision for Management Education: Leadership Challenges

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20 Jun 2002
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
400 pages - 150 x 225 x 23mm


Many academic institutions, especially business schools, tend to be managed on an ad hoc basis. Why? Because the leadership may not be fully and formally equipped to lead, and difficult stakeholder-mix issues often limit its ability to govern proactively. This book is meant as a guide for making strategic management a more realistic option for such institutions. It explores the role of the President/CEO/Dean, and offers examples of effective strategic direction setting, including the use of modern technology. This volume features topics such as: a conceptual scheme for setting strategic direction in academic institutions, specifically business schools; a look at key barriers that block strategic change initiatives and how institutions can overcome them; a discussion of the roles of key leaders in the academic institution, including how these roles can be shaped for more effective implementation; a detailed description of management approaches that keep the strategic momentum for academic value creation and change; and an examination of the role of new technology and how this can strengthen the value creation in business schools.
Setting Strategic Direction in the Business School: The Essential Balance. Providing Relevant Corporate Learning. A Learning Partnership Model for the Dynamic Business School. Organization Learning. Tailored Delivery for Client Firms and Individual Executives: The Examples of IMD and Wharton's Lauder Institute. Developing Relevant Competencies. Improving Learning and Delivery with Information Technology. The Value of Vision and Mission in Strategic Focus. Adapting to the Marketplace. The Heart of Value Creation: Faculty Motivation and Values. Groups and Team Values. The Job of the Dean: Top-Down Leadership. Structure, Hierarchy, and Incentives. Organizational Reputation and Pride. The Governance Challenge. New Opportunities in Executive Education.

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