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New Technology-Based Firms in the New Millennium: Funding: An Enduring Problem Vol: 8

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13 Dec 2010
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
250 pages - 174 x 246 x 18mm
New Technology-based Firms in the New Millennium
"The New Technology-Based Firms in the New Millenium" series provides up to date research on a variety of aspects of High Technology Small Firm formation and growth (HTSFs) from a range of interdisciplinary perspectives and from national contexts throughout the world. This edited book series reflects on and shapes currently popular national government policies insofar as they relate to HTSFs. It is the only international publication specifically dealing with HTSF formation and growth and it uniquely provides an uninterrupted record of research in this area since 1993. This latest volume is a collection of the best papers presented at the HTSF Conference held in the United Kingdom at Manchester Business School in June 2007. Three major themes have emerged. Six particularly strong chapters of this volume are devoted to the critical problems of HTSF financing, comprising two contributions from the United Kingdom and individual chapters from Sweden, the Irish Republic, Italy, and Belgium. A further four papers are concerned with aspects of strategic development in HTSFs, and a final group of three papers deal with HTSF marketing problems, often in a 'born global' strategic context.
Contributors. Chapter 1 Introduction. Chapter 2 Defining University Spin-Offs. Chapter 3 Entrepreneurial-Innovative University Services: A Way to Integrate in the University's Third Mission. Chapter 4 Linking Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Higher Education: A Study of Swedish Schools of Entrepreneurship. Chapter 5 How Useful is the Stage Model Theory in Explaining the Capital Structure of Venture Capital-Backed and Non-Venture Capital-Backed Firms?. Chapter 6 Who You are and What You do: The Role of Entrepreneurial Human Capital in the Demand and Supply of External Finance of High-Tech Start-Ups. Chapter 7 Financing New Ventures: Attitudes Towards Public Innovation Support. Chapter 8 Small Firm Expectations from Acquisition in the ICT Industry: A Conceptual Framework for Stakeholder Analysis. Chapter 9 Entrepreneurs’ Communicative Behaviour in Technology-Based versus Service-Based Businesses — A Resource Dependence Perspective. Chapter 10 Knowledge-Intensive Entrepreneurship and the Voice-of-the-Consumer. Chapter 11 Going Public: A Growth Opportunity for ‘Research-Intensive’ Companies. Chapter 12 What are High-Technology Firms and What Drives Their Performance?. Chapter 13 Implementing Open Innovation: Challenges in Linking Strategic and Operational Factors for Large Firms Working with HTSFs. Chapter 14 Forms of Market Orientation in French Young High-Technology Firms: A Typology. New Technology-based Firms in the New Millennium. New Technology-based Firms in the New Millennium. Copyright page.

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