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New Technology-Based Firms in the New Millennium Vol: 11

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16 Jun 2015
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
288 pages - 152 x 229 x 23mm
New Technology-based Firms in the New Millennium
The latest edition of this international edited book series, based on the formation and growth problems of High Technology Small Firms (HTSF), contains the best papers presented at the 2011 and 2013 conferences, both held at Manchester Business School. This volume remains true to the initial mission of the HTSF Conference, established in 1993, to advance our knowledge of high-technology entrepreneurship and to advocate the need for more and better designed policy to promote such entrepreneurship. The need is as great as ever it was, not least given the continued economic stagnation of the European economy in the wake of the Financial Crisis and the Euro crisis. These papers address key themes relating to improving our understanding of the processes involved in high-technology entrepreneurship and of the design of effective policy to promote this research. The first two groups of papers examine the start-up and commercialization processes and the internationalization processes, which are often important for new high-technology businesses. Other papers examine topics like entrepreneurship clusters, inter-firm collaboration, and growth strategy for high-technology small firms.
Copyright page. New Technology-based Firms in the New Millennium. List of Contributors. Series Page. New Technology-based Firms in the New Millennium. Introduction. Managerial Mindset and the Born Global Firm. Acquisition of Knowledge in Networking for Internationalisation. Barriers to Biomedical Engineering Commercialisation. Bringing Technology Projects to Market: Balancing of Efficiency and Collaboration. High-Tech Entrepreneurial ‘Soft Starters’ in a University-Based Business Incubator: Space for Entrepreneurial Capital Formation and Emerging Business Models. The Dynamics of Industrial Clustering in the German Enterprise Software Sector. Cluster Initiatives within the European Context: Stimulating Policies for Regional Development Dreams. Assessing the Effect of Different Dimensions of Top Management Team Diversity on the Growth of University-Based Spin-Off Firms. University–Business Co-operation in Indonesian Higher Education for Innovation. The Impact of the Financial Crisis on the Financing and Growth of Technology-Based Small Firms: Some Survey Evidence from the United Kingdom. From Communicative Practices to Communication Strategies: A Model of Entrepreneurs’ Communication Strategies in the Start-Up Process. Social Media Espionage — A Strategic Grid. Network Openness and Learning Ambidexterity of New Technology-Based Firms at Incubators.
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