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New Directions in Urban Sociology Vol: 4

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08 Mar 1997
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
244 pages - 156 x 234 x 16mm
Research in Urban Sociology


This volume acknowledges two important themes found in recent work in urban sociology. First is the effort to apply new theoretical models to the analysis of the urban landscape, in particular the recent work in the new urban sociology and the renewed emphasis on the role of the state in shaping urban life. Second is the borrowing of important theoretical ideas from other disciplines, including postmodern theory and cultural analysis from the humanities. "New Directions in Urban Sociology" suggests both a beginning and a continuing evolution of sociological theorizing about contemporary urban places.
List of contributors. Introduction (R. Hutchison). Spatiality studies in urban geography (D. Wilson, P. Moss). Suits, turtlenecks, and political science's ambivalent examination of the city (L. Bennett). The symbolic interactionism paradigm and urban sociology (W. Perry et al.). Gender regimes in urban sociology (L. Appleton). Military spending and urban form in southern Nevada: a political economy perspective (R.E. Parker). The reassertion of human agency in urban planning (M. Cruz). Socio-spatial reproduction, marketing culture, and the built environment (T. Wright, R. Hutchison).

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