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New Communities in a Changing World Vol: 6

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01 Feb 1991
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
330 pages - 156 x 234 x 19mm
Research in Community Sociology


This series aims to publish research on various dimensions of communities, with discussions of theoretical and methodological issues, and empirical research. Special focus will be on cross-cultural comparative, interdisciplinary and critical studies on community structure/change problems, policy-planning and related issues. This volume explores a variety of new communities that have emerged within recent decades. They are multidimensional and multilevel constructs that have manifested in a diversity of ways. Various researchers in this volume focus on myriad kinds of new communities and different facets of this phenomenon. They devote considerable attention to the diversity of ways in which these new communities are constructed and are perceived as such by their members. Most of these new communities are related to a variety of contemporary social issues. Consequently, some studies focus on the problems and policy implications of knowledge about new communities in both enhancing and retarding individual and community well-being. The studies in this book demonstrate diversity both in subject matter and in theoretical perspective. The new communities included in this book should help us better understand the micro-foundations of community and could provide some clues about the macro-level integration of society.
Part 1 Introduction: the social landscape of new communities in North America, Dan A. Chekki. Part 2 Theoretical perspectives: using classical theorists to reconceptualize community dynamics, Jonathan H. Turner and Norman A. Dolch. Part 3 New immigrant communities: new immigrant communities in the United States and the ideology of exclusion, Carol Schmid; blurring borders - constructing transnational community in the process of Mexico-US migration, Luin Goldring; new immigrant communities in a suburban region, Mark Baldassare; the attainment of neighbourhood qualities among British, Chinese and black immigrants in Toronto and Vancouver, Eric Fong and Milena Guila. Part 4 The AIDS community: the uncertainty, diversity and change - the AIDS community in New York City, Susan M. Chambre. Part 5 Community in cyberspace: lawyers online - professional identity and boundary maintenance in cyberspace, Debra J. Schleef. Part 6 Enclosed community life: enclosure, community and public life, Dennis R. Judd. Part 7 Communes - utopian communities: the contemporary communal movement, William L. Smith. Part 8 Community dynamics in a new milieu: a new community of old members - old order Mennonites in upstate New York, Daniel B. Lee; cultural dynamics and futuristic scenarios of the Virasaiva community in North America, Dan A. Chekki.

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