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New Analyses in Worker Well-Being Vol: 38

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13 Nov 2013
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
320 pages - 152 x 229 x 30mm
Research in Labor Economics


This volume contains new important research on worker well-being in a changing economy. Topics include employee compensation, human capital investment, women's wages, unemployment, and the effects of government policies. Among the questions answered are: Does free-trade (particularly regarding NAFTA) affect women's wages relative to men's? Can guaranteeing college scholarships raise high school students' grade-point averages? Does increasing wage dispersion within a plant induce workers to put out more effort; or does it decrease comradery among employees, thereby lowering productivity? Does deferring worker pay really affect productivity on the job? Do firms manipulate fringe benefits (job characteristics) to adequately compensate workers for dangerous jobs? Do business cycles influence the terms of effort-enhancing labor contracts? How can workers signal their potential quality when displaced by plant closings? How severe are the detrimental effects of long-term joblessness? And finally, how do changes in welfare laws affect recipients' time allocation at home?
Did Trade Liberalization Help Women? the Case of Mexico in the 1990s. The Short-Term Effects of the Kalamazoo Promise Scholarship on Student Outcomes. The Impact of Wage Dispersion on Labor Productivity: Evidence from Finnish Workers. Tenure, Wage Profiles and Monitoring. Are Dangerous Jobs Paid Better? European Evidence. Involuntary Unemployment and Efficiency-Wage Competition. Playing Hard to Get: Theory and Evidence on Layoffs, Recalls, and Unemployment. Economic and Health Implications of Long-Term Unemployment: Earnings, Disability Benefits, and Mortality. New Analyses of Worker Well-Being. Research in Labor Economics. Research in Labor Economics. Copyright page. List of Contributors. Editorial Advisory Board. Preface.

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