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Negotiation in Groups Vol: 14

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09 Jun 2011
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
259 pages - 156 x 234 x 25mm
Research on Managing Groups and Teams
Negotiation is a process that permeates our everyday lives. From international conflicts to corporate mergers, from labor contracts to distribution agreements, and from one-time job offers to the day-to-day of relationships, negotiation is one of the most common ways to reach agreement on disputed issues and resources. Though negotiation is challenging in the simplest of circumstances, a group context can make it even more complex: groups negotiating with other groups may argue among themselves; factions and coalitions may develop, leading to side deals or the obstruction of deals in progress; and, the interests and preferences of all parties become much harder to identify, much less satisfy. In this fourteenth volume of the "Research on Managing Groups and Teams" series, nine chapters examine the particular challenges, opportunities, and dynamics that confront groups engaged in negotiation. The volume will be of particular interest to readers and scholars from management, psychology, sociology, communications, law, political science, and public policy.
List of Contributors. Preface. Chapter 1 When are Teams an Asset in Negotiations and when are they a Liability?. Chapter 2 Physical Distance in Intragroup and Intergroup Negotiations: Implications for Negotiator Judgment and Behavior. Chapter 3 Building Multiculturally Shared Mental Models (MSMM) in Multiparty Negotiations: A Three-Stage Process Model. Chapter 4 Games Groups Play: Mental Models in Intergroup Conflict and Negotiation. Chapter 5 Status Conflict in Negotiation. Chapter 6 The Impact of Implicit Negotiation Beliefs on Motivation and Cognition in Group Negotiation. Chapter 7 Beyond Valence: Effects of Group Emotional Tone on Group Negotiation Behaviors and Outcomes. Chapter 8 Modeling Group Negotiation: Three Computational Approaches that can Inform Behavioral Sciences. Chapter 9 Negotiating within Groups: A Psychophysiological Approach. Concluding Remarks Setting the Scene: The Calculus of Agreement in Group Negotiation. Negotiation and Groups. Research on Managing Groups and Teams. Research on Managing Groups and Teams. Copyright page.

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