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Nature, Knowledge and Negation Vol: 26

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04 Dec 2009
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
364 pages - 156 x 234 x 20mm
Current Perspectives in Social Theory


The first emphasis of the volume is on developments in the social theory of environmental issues, the environment, and the environmental crisis. The second emphasis is on the increasingly questionable possibility of shared knowledge at a time of increasing fragmentation of common frameworks, distraction from key issues, and dilution of the idea of objectivity. The thematic emphasis on environmental challenges and issues, includes one contribution on climate change, the resource crunch, and the global growth Imperative, along with critical responses by other experts in this field, and two contributions on the development of planetarian accountancy, and the ubiquity of risk in consumer societies. Further contributions address issues relating to the dialectic of selfhood, the aftermath of postmodernism, limitations inherent to feminist perspectives, the project of public sociology, the fortieth anniversary of Jurgen Habermas' classic, Knowledge and Human Interests, and the need for critical theory to rely on social research.
List of Contributors. Introduction. Climate Change, the Resource Crunch, and The Global Growth Imperative. Social theory, climate change, and the humanity–nature relation. ‘Choose life’ not economic growth: critical social theory for people, planet and flourishing in the ‘age of nature’. Reply to my critics: Choosing life. Developing planetarian accountancy: Fabricating nature as stock, service, and system for green governmentality. Social action and catastrophe. Forty years of knowledge and human interests. Public sociology and the governance of possibility. Peirce, pragmaticism and public sociology: Translating an interpretation into praxis. The dialectic of selfhood. Under surveillance: Herbert Marcuse and the FBI. The actuality of critical theory: A reply to Dahms’ late prolegomenon. Beyond ‘feminisms’: Refocusing the women's movement through the lens of liberation. After post-modernism: Toward the recovery of theory. Current Perspectives in Social Theory. Nature, knowledge and negation. Copyright page. Editor.

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