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Multinationals, Environment and Global Competition Vol: 9

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17 Dec 2003
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
236 pages - 150 x 225 x 23mm
Research in Global Strategic Management


The purpose of this book is to present leading research concerning the increasing strategic importance of environmental concerns within the multinational firm, and to explore the implications of corporate environmental strategy on public policy. The contributions present empirical research that deals with the simultaneous effects of the globalization of markets and the emergence of environmental concerns as issues of corporate strategy, either using a cross-national sample of firms within a global industry, or a sample of multinationals from a particular home country. By considering the dynamics of corporate environmental behavior explicitly within the context of global markets, the book makes a unique contribution to the discussion about the impact of multinational activity. The chapters provide a rich understanding of the kinds of interactions that occur between multinationals and regulators, multinationals and non-governmental organizations, and multinationals and their customers. By explaining what motivates multinational firms to make environmental investments and to improve their environmental performance, these studies offer necessary input for the formulation of well-informed public policy. As a consequence, this book provides essential material for advanced students and decision-makers interested in the changing role of multinational enterprises in the global economy. While being of broad interest to academics in the field of international business and strategy, this volume also provides interesting results to researchers concerned with the ability of national governments to regulate multinationals, how regulation affects multinationals, and how in turn multinational conduct affects regulatory standards.
Multinationals, environment and global competition: a conceptual framework; Degree of internationalization and environmental performance: evidence from US multinationals; Environmental strategy choice and financial profitability: differences between multinationals and domestic firms in Belgium; Environmental aspects of Danish foreign direct investment in developing countries: the role of home country factors in shaping the global environmental practices of Danish multinationals; Internationalization and environmental reporting: the green face of the world's leading multinationals; Environmental self-regulation in the global economy: the role of firm capabilities; Multinationals, NGOs and regulation: Greenpeace and the global phase out of chlorine bleaching; Multinationals and global climate change: issues for the automotive and oil industries; Multinationals, the environment and the WTO: issues in the environmental goods and services sector and in climate change mitigation.

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