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Multinational Enterprises, Markets and Institutional Diversity Vol: 9

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29 Oct 2014
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
503 pages - 152 x 229 x 43mm
Progress in International Business Research


This research volume in honour of the late Daniel Van Den Bulcke, one of the founding fathers of the European Business Academy (EIBA) and a core institution builder of the Academy of International Business (AIB), focuses on conceptual innovations in assessing the impact of institutions on multinational enterprise (MNE) strategies.
Internalization Theory and the Governance of the Global Factory. Considering the Local Partner. A Two-Sided Perspective on Transaction Costs During Market Entry. Selling to Chinese Firms: A Seller’s Perspective. Empirical Evidence from the German Automotive Industry. What Best Explains the Success of Cross-border Technology Transfers in MNCs: Traditional Coordination Instruments or Modern Management Concepts?. Perceptions Versus National-Level Differences: A Mediating Model of Psychic Distance. New Analysis of Multinational Enterprises and Their Linkages with Markets and Institutional Diversity. FDI and Institutions: Formal and Informal Institutions. Is Distance the Same Across Cultures? A Measurement-Equivalence Perspective on the Cultural Distance Paradox. Culture and a Cascading Model of Emotional Intelligence: An Exploratory Analysis. Micropolitical Behavior in the Multinational Enterprise: A Language Perspective. Impact of Outward Foreign Direct Investment Promotion Policy: Evidence from Newly Industrialized, Emerging, and Developing Asian Economies. An Exploration of Commercial Diplomacy as a Set of Facilities to Support International Business to and from Emergent Markets. The Vagueness of the “Country-Specific Advantage” Construct: Which Host-CSAs Matter for Chinese OFDI?. Multi-National Firms, Corruption and Innovation in Russia. Strategic Asset Seeking by EMNEs: A Matter of Liabilities of Foreignness – or Outsidership?. Reverse Transfer of HRM Practices from Emerging Market Subsidiaries: Organizational and Country-Level Influences. The Performance Logic of International Diversification. Chinese MNCs: An Overview of the Current State of Research. Facing Discrimination by Host Country Nationals – Emerging Market Multinational Enterprises in Developed Markets. Copyright page. Dedication. Multinational Enterprises, Markets and Institutional Diversity. List of Contributors. Progress in international business research. Multinational Enterprises, Markets and Institutional Diversity.

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