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Multi-Level Issues in Organizations and Time Vol: 6

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11 Jun 2007
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
484 pages - 156 x 234 x 26mm
Research in Multi Level Issues
"Multi-Level Issues in Organizations and Time" is Volume 6 of "Research in Multi-Level Issues", an annual series that provides an outlet for the discussion of multi-level problems and solutions across a variety of fields of study. Using a scientific debate format of a key scholarly essay followed by two commentaries and a rebuttal, we present, in this series, theoretical work, significant empirical studies, methodological developments, analytical techniques, and philosophical treatments to advance the field of multi-level studies, regardless of disciplinary perspective. Similar to Volumes 1 through 5, this volume contains five major essays with commentaries and rebuttals that cover a range of topics, but in the realms of organization and time. In particular, the five critical essays offer extensive literature reviews, new model developments, methodological advancements, and data for the study of distributed teams, team mental models, dimensions of time, timescapes, and justice climate. While each of the major essays, and associated commentaries and rebuttals, is unique in orientation, they show a common bond in raising and addressing multi-level issues or discussing problems and solutions that involve multiple levels of analysis in organizations and time. This title provides in-depth scholarly information on multiple level issues in organizations and time and is international in scope.
Distributed Team Performance: A Multi-Level Review of Distribution, Demography, and Decision Making. Issues in Distributed Team Performance. T-MoP: A Tetrahedral Model of Performance. Distributed Team Performance: Continuing the Dialogue. Mental Model Convergence: The Shift from being an Individual to being a Team Member. Fostering Mental Model Convergence through Training. Understanding Team Cognition: The Shift to Cognitive Similarity Configurations. Converging Mental Models about Mental Model Convergence. Organizationally Relevant Dimensions of Time Across Levels of Analysis. Measuring Temporal Constructs Across Multiple Levels of Analysis. Preferences, Behaviors, and Strategies in Multiple-Task Performance. Time and the Challenge of Temporal Concepts. Timescapes: A Multi-Level Approach for Understanding Time Use in Complex Organizations. A System Dynamics Perspective on Timescapes in Organizations. Fruit Flies Like a Banana (or, When Ripeness is all): A Meditation on Markets and Timescapes. Let us Theory Build Rather than Theorize. Justice Climate Past, Present, and Future: Models of Structure and Emergence. Examining Justice Climate: Issues of Fit, Simplicity, and Content. Intraunit Justice and Interunit Justice and the People who Experience Them. Justice Climate: Consideration of Source, Target, Type, Specificity, and Emergence. About the Editors. List of Contributors. Overview: Multi-Level Issues in Organizations and Time. About the Authors.

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