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Multi-Level Issues In Organizational Behavior And Leadership Vol: 8

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27 May 2009
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
466 pages - 152 x 229 x 41mm
Research in Multi Level Issues
"Multi-Level Issues in Organizational Behavior and Leadership" is Volume 8 of "Research in Multi-Level Issues", an annual series that provides an outlet for the discussion of multi-level problems and solutions across a variety of fields of study. Similar to Volumes 1 through 7, this volume contains five major essays with commentaries and rebuttals that cover a range of topics, but in the realms of organizational behavior and leadership. In particular, the five 'critical essays' offer extensive literature reviews, new model developments, methodological advancements, and some data for the study of organizational behavior, outstanding leadership, leadership and social relations, leadership simulation, and enviroscapes. While each of the major essays, and its associated commentaries and rebuttals, is unique in orientation, all of the essays share a common bond in raising and addressing multi-level issues or discussing problems and solutions that involve multiple levels of analysis in organizational behavior and leadership.
A new kind of organizational behavior. Thick or thin? A fundamental question in organizational behavior. A newer organizational behavior. Charismatic, ideological, and pragmatic leadership: An examination of multi-level influences on emergence and performance. Levels of performance: multi-level perspectives on outstanding leadership. Presidential leadership styles: how do they map onto charismatic, ideological, and pragmatic leadership?. Charismatic, ideological, and pragmatic leadership: where we are, and where do we need to go?. A componential analysis of leadership using the social relations model. Considerations in applying the social relations model to the study of leadership emergence in groups: a leadership categorization perspective. Thoughts on Studying Leadership in Natural Contexts. A levels-based leadership simulation: insights regarding group decision optimization. Comparing simulation results of leadership style impacts on emergent versus specific task outcomes and required simulation model components. Making it practical: simulation, naturalistic decision making, and complexity in team performance. Sins of omission and envy: redemption and salvation through levels of analysis. Enviroscapes: a multi-level contextual approach to organizational leadership. Targeting the cultural processes of partnering for analysis. Enviroscapes: the challenges of cultural partnering concepts. Overview: Multi-level issues in organizational behavior and leadership. List of Contributors. About the Editors. About the Authors. Acknowledgments. Research in multi-level issues. Research in multi-level issues volume 8. Copyright page.

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