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Multicultural Education for Learners with Exceptionalities Vol: 12

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01 Jul 1999
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
256 pages - 156 x 234 x 15mm
Advances in Special Education


This volume is devoted to examining multicultural perspectives in special education. It tackles demographic challenges in today's classrooms, schools, and communities that general and special educators must be aware of, by presenting information on multidimensional methods for dealing with those students who look, talk, behave and learn differently. Chapter authors provide innovative ideas for educators willing to shift their identification, assessment, placement, and instructional paradigms to better serve multicultural learners with exceptionalities.
List of contributors. Foreword (R. Rueda). Preface. Multicultural education: powerful tool for educating learners with exceptionalities (F.E. Obiakor). Educating the African-American exceptional learner (E.A. Dooley, D.L. Voltz). Educating the Asian-Pacific exceptional English-language learner (Ji-Mie Chang et al.). Educating the hispanic-American exceptional learner (B.M. Delgado, D. Rogers-Adkinson). Educating the Native-American exceptional learner (S. Sparks). Maximizing the potential of minority learners with gifts and talents (D.Y. Ford et al.). Multimethod assessment of multicultural learners (S. Karr, J.O. Schwenn). Ethical considerations in the education of culturally diverse exceptional learners (C.R. Jefferson, J.-M. Harris). Culturally responsive curricula for learners in a diverse society (D.L. Voltz, E.A. Dooley). Empowering culturally diverse parents in special education programs (L. Prater, J. Ivarie). Community partnership: resource for teaching culturally diverse students with learning disabilities (N.C. Barker). Preparation of teachers and administrators for working effectively with multicultural students (M.B. Goor, M. Porter). Teacher expectations: impact on "accuracy" of self-concepts of multicultural exceptional learners (F.E. Obiakor). Transitioning multicultural learners with exceptionalities (J.P. Bakken, G.F. Aloia). Directions for the future: empowering the culturally diverse exceptional learner (A.F. Rotatori, S.O. Obi).

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