Multi-Channel Marketing, Branding and Retail Design: New Challenges and Opportunities

Charles McIntyre
Bournemouth University, UK

T. C. Melewar
Middlesex University Business School, UK

Charles Dennis
Middlesex University London, UK

Product Details
05 Dec 2016
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
272 pages - 152 x 229 x 19mm
Recently, many researchers have found that their work crosses the borders of design, branding and marketing. This orientation finds itself in contrast to the generally discipline-delineated world of academic journal publishing where cross-sector studies often find difficulties in acceptance (design-based work in marketing being particularly poorly represented). This unique book focuses upon service design, including retail and multi-channel marketing matters pertinent to the current age where physical contact with consumers has resurfaced as an enduring part of the marketing and branding landscape - complementary to online and virtual worlds. The span of the text goes from what may be regarded as micro-environmental issues of type design and the semiotics of brand meanings towards macro-environmental concerns of city design and ecological threat, all relative to living within any world (and all worlds) that businesses and consumers may co-create or are invited and welcomed to in their own multi-layered experience.
Introduction PART I: THE DESIGN PROCESS — BRANDING, MARKETING AND CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE IN A MULTI-CHANNEL WORLD 1. Branding: At the Heart of the Relationship between Product Marketing and Design - AurØlie Hemonnet-Goujot and Delphine Manceau 2. Combining the Best of Both Worlds in Retailing and Design: Cross-Practice Integration and Innovation, Including the Role of Education - Katelijn Quartier, Tinne Lommelen and Jan Vanrie 3. Designing-in Consumer Identity and Experience via Social Media Representation and Engagement Effects: Contesting Female Body Image and Branding - Suzanne Winfield and Yvonne Richardson 4. Selling the Brand Story: Social and Business Innovation in a One for Onefi Business Model - Natascha Radclyffe-Thomas and Ana Roncha PART II: STRUCTURAL EXPERIENCE IN RETAIL DESIGN AND BRAND MARKETING — REAL WORLD AND BEYOND 5. Front of House Design and Marketing Effects: Town and City Streetscapes and Meaning in Exterior Retail Brand Experience - Charles McIntyre 6. Big Store Design and Marketing Effects: Non-Western, New-Build Shopping Malls and Implications for the Re-Enchantment of Consumption - Graham H. Roberts 7. Small Store Design and Marketing Effects: Experiential Developments in SME Fashion Pop-Up Store Strategies - Bethan Alexander and Jessie Kaitlin Bain 8. In-Store Design and Marketing Effects: Taking Account of the Influence of Servicescape Design upon Retail Brand Frontline Employees - Treasa Kearney 9. Consumer Responses to Virtual- and Real-World Retail Environment Convergence: Implications for Design-Based Interventions - Tracy Harwood and Martin Jones About the Authors Index
Charles McIntyre, Bournemouth University, Poole, UK T. C. Melewar, Middlesex University London, London, UK Charles Dennis, Middlesex University London, London, UK

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