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Moving Beyond Storytelling: Emerging Research in Microfinance Vol: 92

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09 Dec 2009
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
336 pages - 152 x 229 x 18mm
Contemporary Studies in Economic and Financial Analysis


Despite the promise for international development, despite the proven track record of exceptional loan repayment rates, and despite the development of competitive markets in countries like Bolivia, Peru and Bangladesh or the global expansion of microfinance access to tens of millions of new clients, little research has explored the impact this expansion has had on global poverty and economic and social development in general. To address this gap, this volume brings together leaders in the microfinance industry and researchers representing a range of academic disciplines. Our goal is to outline a multidisciplinary research agenda for the field. The topics addressed in this volume and the questions posed can serve to guide social scientists, technology experts, development specialists, investors, microfinance practitioners, policymakers and students.
About the Authors. Introduction. Microfinance meets the market. Microfinance and capital markets: The initial listing/public offering of four leading institutions. Role reversal: Public and Private Funders in microfinance. The great divide in microfinance: Political economy in microcosm. The new moneylenders: Are the poor being exploited by high microcredit interest rates?. Microfinance during conflict: Iraq, 2003–2007. Evaluating microfinance program innovation with randomized controlled trials: Examples from business training and group versus individual liability. A framework for innovation roadmapping in microfinance information systems. Does one size fit all in microfinance? New directions for academic research. Acknowledgments. Contemporary Studies in Economic and Financial Analysis. Moving beyond storytelling: Emerging research in microfinance. Copyright page.

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