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Motivation and Religion Vol: 14

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17 Nov 2005
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
436 pages - 156 x 234 x 23mm
Advances in Motivation and Achievement


Considerable evidence indicates that religion is a motivational force in the lives of most of the world's population, and recent social and political events have placed religion center stage. Motivation is considered an essential component of any adequate answer to the question, 'Why religion?'. That question concerned early psychologists, such as Freud and James, but was relatively neglected with the ascendancy of behaviorism. It has since regained momentum as an important area of research and scholarship. In spite of the fact that motivational principles are implicit in many analytical treatments of religion, and that some articles and book chapters discuss motivation and religion, this literature is widely dispersed and confined primarily to Judeo-Christian world views. This volume of the "Advances" series presents a systematic approach to the topic, as viewed through the lens of such contemporary theories of motivation as expectancy-value, self-determination, and achievement goal theory. An international group of scholars offers a comprehensive view of how such theories help to understand religiosity and its impact on human experiences and behavior. In addition, authors consider the implications of religious experiences and behavior for motivation theory. Separately, these contributions provide unique perspectives. Collectively, they represent the prominent theoretical approaches to motivation, include the world's dominant religions, and address a wide variety of significant issues related to this very significant subject.
Metaphysical Motivation: An Expectancy-Value Perspective on Why Religious Beliefs Motivate. Values, Religion, and Motivation. Goals and Regulations of Religiosity: A Motivational Analysis. Choosing to Stay Religious in a Modern World: Socialization and Exploration Processes Leading to an Integrated Internalization of Religion Among Israeli Jewish Youth. Personal Religion and Prosocial Motivation. Religious Beliefs and their Relationship to Cognition, Motivation, and Behavior. Morality's Conundrum: A Question of Motivation. Personal Investment Theory: Understanding Religious, Spiritual and Faith Development of Students. Religion, Motivation and Schooling in East Asia and the United States. An Introduction to Hindu India's Contemplative Psychological Perspectives on Human Motivation, Self, and Development. The Asian Indian Hindu Adolescent in America: Religious Identity and the Need to Belong. A Psychological Analysis of Religious Motivation with a Focus on Islam and the Middle East. Religious Affiliation as a Source of Cultural Difference in Achievement Motivation.

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