Modern Organisational Governance Vol: 12

David Crowther
De Montfort University, UK

Shahla Seifi
Seifi Crowther Consulting, UK

David Crowther
De Montfort University, UK

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06 Sep 2017
Emerald Publishing Limited
264 pages - 152 x 229mm
Developments in Corporate Governance and Responsibility
It is apparent that all forms of organisation have governance requirements and procedures but too often we just consider governance in a corporate environment. Equally it is accepted that the concept of governance is concerned with the relationship between the organisation and all of its stakeholders but is too often interpreted as a concern for the relationship between a corporation and its investors. Still this is essentially true as far as most corporations are concerned. Such narrow views are unrealistic and are inappropriate in the modern global world which we inhabit and many would blame problems with governance for the economic and financial turmoil which the world has experienced during the last decade. Much analysis has been undertaken about governance but little in the way of change is manifest and few seem to recognise both the need to consider radical changes in the modern global environment and the opportunities and possibilities presented by the current environment. In this book therefore we take a broad (and possibly radical) approach and consider governance requirements in the modern world - not just for corporations but for all forms of organisation.
Part 1. Theoretical Perspectives
Chapter 1. Re-examining governance: the evidence; Shahla Seifi & David Crowther 
Chapter 2. State, Sovereignty and Private Regulation: Problématique and Explanandum of Emerging Global Governance Matrix; Roopinder Oberoi 
Chapter 3. The moral status of corporations; Nirbhay Mishra 
Chapter 4. Sustainable Governance: A Sine Quo Non for the Age of Sustainability; Amir Hossein Radhari 
Chapter 5. Sustainability and resource depletion; Shahla Seifi & David Crowther  
Part 2. The role of stakeholders 
Chapter 6. Stakeholders: Opportunity or Threat? Voices from China; Cubie Lau  
Chapter 7. The extent of stakeholder engagement in sustainability accounting and reporting: Does empowerment of stakeholders really exist?; Sumit Lodhia & Amanpreet Kaur 
Chapter 8. The Institutionalization of Anti-corruption Practices in Indonesian Companies; Juniati Gunawan & Corina Joseph 
Chapter 9. The Balanced Scorecard Study on the Corporate Social Responsibility of Electronic Commerce; Wang Hong 
Part 3. Governance issues 
Chapter 10. Corporate Governance and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Disclosure : The Moderating Role of Cultural Values; Roshima Said, Corina Joseph & Noor Zahira Modh Sidek 
Chapter 11. Corporate Governance: A Model of Modern Corporate Governance Framework for the Better Governance of Companies; Mustafa Avcın & Hasret Balcıoğlu  
Chapter 12. New governance: perspectives on future requirements for governance in organizations; Linne Lauesen & Shahla Seifi

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