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Misbehavior Online in Higher Education Vol: 5

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03 Jan 2012
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
420 pages - 156 x 234 x 28mm
Cutting-edge Technologies in Higher Education


As interaction in higher education among faculty, staff, students, and others becomes ever more digital, the welter of new online communication technologies have provided many unintentional opportunities for indiscipline and misconduct. As a result of this unfortunate increase is misbehavior, administrators and instructors in higher education are increasingly being called upon to remedy and forestall such actions. Misbehavior Online in Higher Education is rich in contemporary case studies, analytical reports, and up-to-date research providing detailed overviews of various misbehavior, including cyberbullying, cyberstaling, cyberslacking, and privacy invasion, hacking, cheating, teasing, and enhanced prejudicial attitudes. The development of approaches to addressing these problems is discussed and examples are provided. The book also anticipates emerging problematic behaviors and explores the creation of new policies, programs, facilities, and technologies to tackle such problems.
List of Contributors. Chapter 1 Misbehavior Online, a New Frontier in Higher Education: Introduction. Chapter 2 Publish or Perish: Ramifications for Online Academic Publishing. Chapter 3 Say that to my Face: Factors Inherent to the Online Environment that Increase the Likelihood of Harassing and Prejudicial Behavior. Chapter 4 What do they Expect? Academically Entitled Students and Perceptions of Teacher Misbehaviors in the Online Classroom. Chapter 5 Facing off: Facebook and Higher Education. Chapter 6 The Ripple Effect of Positive Change: Raising Awareness of Cyberbullying Through a Community-Based Service-Learning Project. Chapter 7 Cyberbullying: Perceptions of Bullies and Victims. Chapter 8 Cyberbullying? Voices of College Students. Chapter 9 Cyberbullying in the University Classroom: A Multiplicity of Issues. Chapter 10 Student Conduct in the Digital Age: When does the First Amendment Protection End and Misconduct Begin?. Chapter 11 Cyberbullying: It doesn't Stop After High School Graduation. Chapter 12 Misbehavior in Online Testing. Chapter 13 Picture Perfect? College Students' Experiences and Attitudes Regarding their Photo-Related Behaviors on Facebook. Chapter 14 Cyber Bullying Among College Students: Evidence from Multiple Domains of College Life. Chapter 15 Academic Integrity and Shortcuts in an Automated Management Accounting Course Management System. Chapter 16 Establishing Guidelines for the Use of Social Media in Higher Education. Chapter 17 Will the Real “John Doe” Stand up? Verifying the Identity of Online Students. Chapter 18 Flaming the Faculty: Exploring Root Causes, Consequences, and Potential Remedies to the Problem of Instructor-Focused Uncivil Online Student Discourse in Higher Education. About the Authors. Subject Index. Misbehavior Online in Higher Education. Cutting-Edge Technologies in Higher Education. Cutting-Edge Technologies in Higher Education. Copyright page.

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