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Methods and Applications of Economic Dynamics: Workshop : Invited Papers Vol: 228

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03 Feb 1995
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
340 pages - 170 x 230 x 19mm
Contributions to Economic Analysis


A discussion of various aspects of dynamic behavior of empirical macroeconomic, and in particular, macroeconometric models, is presented in this book. The book addresses in depth several theoretical and practical aspects concerning the modeling and analysis of long-run equilibrium behavior, adjustment dynamics and stability. Tools are developed to identify and interpret the main determinants of the dynamics of models. The tools involve, among others, error-correction mechanisms, eigenvalue analysis, feedback closure rules, graph theory, learning behavior, steady-state analysis, and stochastic simulation. Their usefulness is demonstrated by interesting applications to a number of well-known national and multi-national models.
Preface. Contributors. Introduction and overview (L. Schoonbeek, E. Sterken). Integrating dynamics and equilibrium in (large) models (F Huizinga, P. Kooiman). Advances in the estimation and analysis of non-linear differential equation models in economics (C.R. Wymer). Evaluating the dynamic properties of macroeconometric models (A.P. Barten). Graph-theory based tools in the practice of macroeconometric modeling (M. Gilli). Causality and dynamic analysis of MEFISTO: the monetary and financial model of the Banque de France (M. Boutillier, P. Jacquinot). Shock resilience in macroeconometric models under error correction and consistent expectations (A. Brandsma, A. Italianer). Model-consistent learning: some recent developments (S.G. Hall, A. Garratt). Policy simulations and long-run sustainability in forward-looking macroeconometric models (P.N. Smith, K.F. Wallis). The long run of macroeconometric models: the case of MULTIMOD (R. Loufir, P. Malgrange). Modeling the dynamics of net wages (L. Schoonbeek, E. Sterken). The dynamics of investment: an application to Dutch manufacturing industries (G.H. Kuper). On the empirics of endogenous economic growth (A. van Schaik). Author index. Subject index.

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