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Measuring the New Economy: Statistics Between Hard-Boiled Indicators and Intangible Phenomena

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01 Oct 2006
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
264 pages - 156 x 234 x 16mm


This book is about the intriguing subject of measuring the New Economy, which in brief means ICT and its impact on society. It brings to the surface various old and new statistical issues which call for a solution, not in the least because politicians in the EU wish to be reliably enlightened on how the EU is performing vis-a-vis countries such as the US and Japan. Moreover, globalisation increases its priority as the burgeoning economic force of countries like China and India intensify international competition. This book examines ICT and its impact on society, and suggests benchmarks and key indicators for the new economy. The authors contributed to the NESIS project and are experts on the subject.
1. Benchmarking the New Economy: the lisbon process as policy context for indicators Graham Room 2. Key Indicators for the New Economy Andrea de Panizza and Mauro Vissaggio 3. Enhancing productivity requires more than ICT alone, Bart van Ark 4. The national accounts of knowledge-based economies, Mark de Haan and Myriam van Rooijen-Horsten 5. The intangible economy: KEY indicators of the hidden productive capacities, Clark Eustace 6. IT investment, ICT use and UK firm productivity Tony Clayton, Raffaella Sadun and Shikeb Faroouqui 7. Travel agents and ICT technologies, Cees van Beers and Harry Bouwman 8. ICT Maturity and firm productivity: Adding organisational aspects to the equation Xander de Graaf 9. Visualizing innovation in services: Exploration and validation of new indicators, Jeroen de Jong, Gerhard Meinen and Patrick Vermeulen 10. The stability of the New Economy: an alternative approach Teodoro Dario Togati 11. The New Information Economy and the measurement of economic growth, Adrian Winnett 12. The measurement of progress in e-Government Teun Wolters

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