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Measurement of Poverty, Deprivation, and Social Exclusion Vol: 23

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16 Sep 2015
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
354 pages - 152 x 229 x 23mm
Research on Economic Inequality
The papers in Measurement of Poverty, Deprivation, and Social Exclusion represent the most current research on poverty, deprivation, and income mobility. They illustrate the multidimensionality of poverty that is difficult to capture in any one measure. The volume presents state-of-the-art research that is relevant to poverty academics globally. The papers use a variety of methods that measure the persistence of poverty over time and cover numerous countries and circumstances. A selection of papers focus on single countries while others include comparisons of countries. The volume begins with a set of papers that examine particular groups that are most vulnerable to poverty and deprivation in a variety of places. These include measuring the persistence of poverty of immigrant children in Scandinavian countries. Finally the volume concludes with papers that analyze the relationships of two or more measures together to further elucidate what we know if we have only one measure of poverty.
Poverty Profiles and Well-Being: Panel Evidence from Germany. Once Poor, Always Poor? Do Initial Conditions Matter? Evidence from the ECHP. Factors Associated with Poverty and Indigence Mobility in Five Latin American Countries. The Contribution of Income Mobility to Economic Insecurity in the US and Spain during the Great Recession. The Role of Skills in Understanding Low Income in Canada. Immigrant Child Poverty – The Achilles Heel of the Scandinavian Welfare State. Rural Poverty and Ethnicity in China. Static and Dynamic Disparities between Monetary and Multidimensional Poverty Measurement: Evidence from Vietnam. Hardship, Debt, and Income-Based Poverty Measures in the USA. Modeling the Joint Distribution of Income and Wealth. About the Editors. Copyright page. Measurement of Poverty, Deprivation, and Economic Mobility. Introduction. List of Contributors. Research on Economic Inequality. Measurement of Poverty, Deprivation, and Economic Mobility. About the Authors.

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