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Matter of Ethics: Facing the Fear of Doing the Right Thing Vol: 10

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20 Dec 2000
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
292 pages - 156 x 234 x 17mm
Contemporary Studies in Applied Behavioral Science
In the face of contemporary strife, the American marketplace is reeling from repeated examples of ethics violations. These violations cross all industries, from securities and investment firms, to public school districts, to local municipal government, as well as the US federal government. Why the abdication of right or good conduct, especially at this point in time? Is there a commonality within the US culture, or perhaps the world, that serves to underscore why we are collectively struggling with such a serious desertion of conformity to previously accepted principles of right and wrong. With the assistance of colleagues, professionals, friends and family, I have had the opportunity to explore this issue domestically, as well as to travel in search of answers as to how we define our ethical world. The results of these efforts are included for the purpose of engaging the reader's curiosity around this topic.This book explores a wide variety of parameters regarding ethical inquiry, including, looking at the ethical parameters used by city and town managers and how, in turn, these parameters serve to define and delineate the ethical parameters adopted and maintained by the public sector culture. This book also provides insight into the application of the tenets of Systems Theory, symbolic interactionism and societal "rule breaking" known for the purpose of this context as unethical conduct. This book also examines how the perspectives of city and town managers are related to the assumptions of ethical parameters by other public sector employees, as well as the effect(s) of societal labelling once these parameters have been assumed. Overall, it contributes to the content of curricula for the field of public administration and therefore, will provide needed information for individuals whose role it is to practice ethics in the public sector.
Preface. Introduction. Introduction to the faces of ethical inquiry. Background and setting. The fall of the next generation -- values as the undergirding foundation. A generation lost. Setting the stage for deliberate consideration. A practical overview. Personal behavior and doing the right thing. The field of ethics and public administration in review. Accountability and decision making in the public sector. A failure of integration. Employees and their impact on the organization. Practical exercises -- developing ethical standards. Organizational development. The impact of trust on the organization's culture. Personal definitions and companion concepts. Establishing a supervisory protocol. Ethics training and development from the ground up. Training modules. Future trends and challenges. References. Appendix A. Appendix B.

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