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Markets and Market Liberalization: Ethnographic Reflections Vol: 24

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30 Mar 2006
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
372 pages - 156 x 234 x 22mm
Research in Economic Anthropology


The general theme of Volume 24 is the impact of, and reaction to, the spread of market systems and market liberalization by local communities. Part I examines cases in which migration has opened new market and entrepreneurial opportunities to local populations. Part II contains cases that describe ethnographically the impacts the oil industry market has had on towns of Louisiana's Gulf coast. The essays of Part III concern themselves with community repercussions that recent neoliberal market policies have had, while Part IV contains papers that analyse the process in which values of products and services are defined economically, culturally and politically in the context of developing markets and commoditization. This book focuses on market systems and market liberalization in local communities. Specific topics addressed include the oil industry and the gulf coast, negotiating values in the market, and many more. The international case examples provide a global perspective.
Introduction (N. Dannhaeuser, C. Werner). Section I. Migration and market opportunities. Overseas contract labor, remittances, and household consumption: A case study from San Fernando City, the Philippines (T.S. Matejowsky). Hawkers and containers in Zarya Vostoka: How 'bizarre' is the Post-Soviet bazaar? (S. Yessenova). Section II. Socioeconomic impacts of the oil market on Gulf Coast communities. Oil and gas in South Louisiana (T.R. Mcguire). Work and change in the Gulf of Mexico offshore petroleum industry (D.E. Austin, T.R. Mcguire, R. Higgins). The footprint of the offshore oil industry on community institutions (K. Coelho). Women's work and lives in offshore oil (D.E. Austin). Section III. Local responses to market liberalization. La Victoria Comprometida: reflections on neoliberalism from a Santiago poblacion J.L. Finn). The movement for an economy of solidarity: Urban agriculture and local exchange trading systems in Quebec (M. Boulianne). Domestic labor in globalized Tepoztlan: from a gendered labor process standpoint (S. Perutz). Section IV. Negotiating values in the market. Big money, new money, and ATMs: valuing Vietnamese currency in Ho Chi Minh City (A. Truitt). The political economy of tradition: Sponsoring and incorporating the Caribs of Trinidad and Tobago (M.C. Forte). Costs of knowledge: The economic underpinnings of spiritual relations in Islam in Niger (N. Butler).

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