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Managing without Leadership: Towards a Theory of Organizational Functioning

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15 Dec 2004
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
168 pages - 156 x 234 x 11mm
A critical examination of leadership theories past and present, "Managing without Leadership" argues that leadership as traditionally understood does not explain organizational functioning. Bounded by empiricist assumptions and methodology, and including a narrow theory of mind as symbol processor, leadership theories are unable to support their claims about leaders and their actions. Drawing on coherentist epistemology, connectionism, and the theory of self-organizing dynamic systems, a naturalistic account of organizational functioning and organization design is explored that includes leaders as non-privileged agents in the cognitive fabric of organizational life.
Explaining Organizational Functioning: Leadership's Past and Present. Why We Can Manage without Leadership, Postmodernist Leadership, Leadership, Organizational Culture and Change, Substituted or Distributed: The End of Leadership as We Know It? Explaining Organizational Functioning: Moving beyond Leadership. Managing Organizational Knowledge, Moving Knowledge: What is transfer?, Organization, Emergence and Design, A Road Map to Managing without Leadership.

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