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Long-term Economics of Climate Change: Beyond a Doubling of Greenhouse Gas Concentrations Vol: 3

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12 Mar 2001
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
348 pages - 156 x 234 x 20mm
Advances in the Economics of Environmental Resources
This volume will include scenarios of geophysical and economic impacts from global warming beyond a doubling of greenhouse gases. Analyses will examine geophysical, ecological, and economic impacts, physical and institutional lags, alternative scenarios with and without policy intervention, institutional change, political-economic barriers to effective policy, and prescriptions for change. Perspectives will include those from physical and biological sciences, as well as economics.
Beyond a doubling: issues in the long-term economics of climate change (R.B. Howarth, D.C. Hall). Integrated assessment models of climate change: beyond a doubling of CO2 (S.H. Schneider, K. Kunstz-Duriseti). Evaluating a regional adaptation to climate change: the case of California water (B.M. Haddad, K. Merritt). Climate variability and climate change: implications for agriculture (R.M. Adams et al.). Ocean thermal lag and comparative dynamics of damage to agriculture from global warming (D.C. Hall). Complexity in organizations: consequences for climate policy analysis (S.J. DeCanio et al.). Technology and greenhouse gas emissions: an integrated scenario analysis using the LBNL-NEMS model (J.G. Koomey et al.). Prices versus policy: which path to clean technology? (E. Goodstein). Energy efficiency and petroleum depletion in climate change policy (N. Khanna, D. Chapman). The clean development mechanism and its controversies (L. Karp, X. Liu). Overlapping generations versus infinitely-lived agent: the case of global warming (R. Gerlagh, B.C.C. van der Zwaan). Climate rights and economic modeling (R.B. Howarth).

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