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Loex of the West: Collaboration and Instructional Design in a Virtual Environment Vol: 43

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01 Mar 1999
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
308 pages - 156 x 234 x 19mm
Foundations in Library and Information Sciences
"Foundations in Library and Information Science" continues to be a series on the cutting edge of research with volumes of relevance both to the informed librarian and to the interested laymen. Volumes have reflected the depth and diversity of topics in library and information science covering collection development and management, library administration and organization, library automation and technology, serials management, library information systems and electronic media.
Foreword (B. Bengtson). Introduction (K. Anderson et al.). Collaboration and instructional design: necessary campus partnerships for success in the twenty-first century (C. Stoffle et al.). Uwired: enhancing teaching, learning, and technology through collaboration (A. Bartelstein et al.). Hard drives and hardbacks: partnerships between computer centers and libraries (K. Diller, C. Harrsch). Building bridges through collaboration: one city's success story (J. Deardorff et al.). Teaching a new organization new tricks (L. Bender, J. Tellman). Implementation of information literacy: process and politics: a case study of library 111 at Ulster County Community College (L. Berk, P. Carroll-Mathes). Collaboration across campus: the gateway to global business (C.R. Johnson et al.). Partnerships and shared resources: developing a computer and information literacy course for undergraduates (S.W. MacLean). A neoteric approach to bibliographic instruction: "If you can't treat me right, you can't teach me right" (C. Williams). Remote possibilities: a distance-based academic library outreach program for secondary school students (K. Gresham). Using an abilities model in library instruction programs: improving teaching, assignment design, and disciplinary curricula (K. Fenno-Smith, D. Gilchrist). Integrating information literacy skills instruction into the curriculum: comparison of two approaches (B. Mbambo, A. Roselle). Lexis/Nexis: four nights, eight hundred students! (M. Strow, E. Okada). Integrating learning communities and library instruction in the virtual environment (M. Bertsch et al.). Using the internet to link students and educators and teach library literacy skills (M.R. Zarnosky, J.W. Tombarge Jr.). Collaboratively developing and teaching a multi-institutional college credit internet course (N. Lombardo, D. Wentz). Orienting new students using a world wide web tutorial (A. Scholz-Crane).

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