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Leadership: The Multiple-Level Approaches Vol: 24, Part A & B

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Multiple copy pack
16 Oct 1998
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
300 pages - 150 x 230 x 20mm
Monographs in Organizational Behavior & Industrial Relations
These two volumes make up the 24th part in a series of monographs whose main topic of concern is that of organizational behaviour and industrial relations. The volumes deal with the multiple levels approach to leadership.
Part A Classical and new wave approaches. Ohio State Model: is it "trustworthy"? a multiple-level-of-analysis re-examination of an Ohio state leadership study, with implications for future research; appendix - measures and assessments for the Ohio state approach; consideration and structure - another look at their role in leadership research; implications of a multiple-levels-of-analysis Ohio state leadership for estimating interrater agreement. Contingency model: the contingency model of leadership effectiveness - its levels of analysis; appendix - measures and assessments for the contingency model of leadership effectiveness; some continuing challenges for the contingency model of leadership; the contingency model and executive leadership; the contingency model of leadership effectiveness - back to the future. Participative leadership: situation effects and levels of analysis in the study of leader participation; appendix - measures and assessments for the leader participation approach; multiple-levels as self-fulfilling prophecy - one sees what one expects to see; integrating across levels of analysis; on interdependence and levels of analysis. Self-leadership: self-management and self-leadership re-examined - a levels-of-analysis perspective; appendix - measures and assessments for the self-management/self-leadership approach; leadership, self-management and levels of analysis; the rest of the self-leadership story; scorecard on self-leadership and self-management - the scientific story must not rest. Multiple-linkage leadership: relationships of managerial effectiveness and advancement to self-reported and subordinate-reported leadership behaviours from the multiple-linkage model; appendix - short version of managerial practices survey; seeking multiple linkages for the future; critique and suggested extensions for the multiple-linkage model of leadership; limitations in the managerial practices questionnaire and the leadership study. Multi-level leadership: multi-level leadership - grounded theory and mainstream theory applied to the case of General Motors; appendix - measures and assessments for the multi-level leadership approach; mixing theoretical approaches to understanding leadership - compliments and cautions; a violation of Occam's razor; grounded theory and mainstream theory in multi-level leadership - beyond the foothills. Individualized leadership: individual leadership - a new multiple-level approach; appendix - measures and assessments of support for self-worth and satisfying performance; assumptions, interpersonal dynamics and organizational contexts in the individualized leadership approach; situations, interactions and followers - the case of individualized leadership; extensions to the individualized leadership approach - placing the approach in context. (Part contents)

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