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Leadership Lessons from Compelling Contexts Vol: 8

Yair Berson
University of Haifa, Israel

Claudia Peus
Technische Universitat Munchen, Germany

Susanne Braun
Technische Universitat Munchen and Ludwig-Maximilians-Universitat Munchen, Germany

Birgit Schyns
Durham University, UK

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11 Mar 2016
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
512 pages - 152 x 229 x 31mm
Monographs in Leadership and Management
Research into leadership often focuses on standard business organizations. We know little about these proposed models apply to leadership in other contexts, such as the military, sports, film and television industries or religious organizations. Here, we deliberately reverse the idea of investigating how standard models fit into non-standard contexts; we want to know what leadership lessons can be drawn from compelling yet understudied contexts. Research and theory from four types of contexts are presented: Those characterized by high levels of competition, such as sport, those in which the generation of innovation and creativity is crucial e.g. film and television, high-risk contexts such as the military and aviation, and those where fostering the well-being of others is at the core. To summarize, as much as we can learn about leadership from standard business organizations and apply it to unusual contexts, the same applies the other way round: Idiosyncrasies of compelling contexts teach us fundamental lessons about leadership which are also applicable to other settings.
Introduction: Exploring Compelling Contexts Through Paradox, Tension, and New Approaches to Leadership - Michelle C. Bligh PART I: SPORTS AND COMPETITION Leadership in the National Football League: Do Leaders Make a Difference? - Robert G. Lord, Suzanne Hendler Devlin, Carol Oeth Caldwell and Darrin Kass Following the Leader in Sports: A Targeted Review and a Rally for Extended Research - Marco S. DiRenzo, Steven M. Weingarden and Christian J. Resick What Lessons Can We Learn from Football about Leadership and Management? - Birgit Schyns, Sarah Gilmore and Graham Dietz The Role of Leaders in Managing Envy and its Consequences for Competition in Organizations - Theresa M. Floyd, Charles E. Hoogland and Richard H. Smith PART II: HIGH-RISK Paradox and Challenges in Military Leadership - Ronit Kark, Tair Karazi-Presler and Sarit Tubi Leading High-Risk Teams in Aviation - Gudela Grote Terrorist Leaders – How Ethical Must They Be? - Dina Al Raffie and Matthias P. Huehn PART III: CREATIVITY AND INNOVATION Leadership Lessons from Creative Industries: The Case of Producers, Directors, and Executives in Film and Television - Susan Elaine Murphy The “Genre Bender”: The Creative Leadership of Kathryn Bigelow - Olga Epitropaki and Charalampos Mainemelis Children’s Stories as a Foundation for Leadership Schemas: More than Meets the Eye - Peter D. Harms and Seth M. Spain Expertise Coordination over Distance: Shared Leadership in Dispersed New Product Development Teams - Miriam Muethel and Martin Hoegl Leadership in Academia: Individual and Collective Approaches to the Quest for Creativity and Innovation - Susanne Braun, Claudia Peus, Dieter Frey and Kristin Knipfer PART IV: CARE AND COMMUNITY Emotional Labor among West Texas Baptist Pastors: Potential Threats to Leader Authenticity and Lessons Learned - Kelly Davis McCauley and William L. Gardner Finding Meaning in Highly Uncertain Situations: Servant Leadership during Change - Dirk van Dierendonck and Milton Sousa Leadership in Volunteer Multistakeholder Groups Tackling Complex Problems - Kate B. Hilton and Ruth Wageman PART V: CONCLUSION Conclusion: Leadership Lessons from Compelling Contexts - Claudia Peus, Susanne Braun and Birgit Schyns
Edited by Claudia Peus, Technical University of Munich, Germany Susanne Braun, Durham University Business School, UK, and Ludwig Maximilian University Munich, Germany Birgit Schyns, Durham University Business School, UK

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