Land Use and Transport: European Perspectives on Integrated Policies

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31 May 2007
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
410 pages - 165 x 240 x 22mm


This is a text/reference, written in a style accessible to non-specialists as well as academic researchers. It shows the inter-relationships between transport and land use planning, emphasising the nature of their integration, and showing benefits of integration. It demonstrates research findings and draws conclusions for application to policy and practice. It is coherent and comprehensive and is based on a major set of recently completed European research projects (PLUME). It focuses on the relationships between transport and land use planning. It addresses general topics and specialist topics before providing a synthesis to the discussion. The information is gathered from the PLUME project.
Land Use and Transport: The Context. 
Themes and Relationships.  
Achieving Sustainable Cities with Integrated Land Use and Transport Strategies.  
Planning Urban Structures for Sustainable Transport. 
Promoting Cycling for Public Health. 
A Land-Use - Transport Vision. 
Integrated Strategies for Sustainable Urban Development.  
Urban Sprawl and Transport. 
Assessing Life Quality in Transport Planning and Urban Design. 
Assessing and Mapping Urban Freight Distribution Initiatives. 
Arterial Streets: Towards an Integrated Approach.  
Promotion of Walking: A Complex Interdisciplinary Task. 
Software for Assessing Environmental Effects of Policies. 
Improving Decision-Making for Sustainable Urban Transport. 
Lessons for Policy. 
A Research Agenda. 

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