Knowledge Transfer To and Within Tourism: Academic, Industry and Government Bridges Vol: 8

Noel Scott
The University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia

Mathilda van Niekerk
University of Central Florida, USA

Marcella de Martino
Institute for Research on Innovation and Services for Development (IRISS) - National Research Council (CNR), Italy

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20 Jul 2017
Emerald Publishing Limited
400 pages - 152 x 229mm
Bridging Tourism Theory and Practice
There have been a number of sporadic and disconnected initiatives to improve knowledge transfer between the tourism academia, government and industry. This volume presents and analyses 17 examples of knowledge transfer from countries around the world to identify future directions for business and government managers and academic researchers. Many of the chapters were presented at the first t-Forum global conference. The chapters emphasise the value from academic leadership in developing cohesion and links amongst small business and government, and the importance of a shared innovative vision beyond individual private and public organization objectives. Successful initiatives rely on the personal characteristics of key stakeholders as well as institutional arrangements, emphasising action learning and challenging traditional academic research processes. Best practice knowledge transfer requires government, industry and academia in partnership engaged in open dialogue and debate for project success. Knowledge transfer provides an opportunity to address unprecedented societal, environmental and technological change and disruption.
1. Introduction: Tourism Knowledge Transfer 
Academic lead transfer  
2. Experience design: Academic-industry research collaboration for tourism innovation 
3. Knowledge transfer: can research centers make a difference? 
4. "Best green", a case of synergy between academia and a hotel chain. 
5. Knowledge transfer between educational institutions and tourism destination stakeholders: The Reflective Practice-Based Learning approach to Destination Development 
6. Knowledge Transfer: Can Research Centers Make a Difference 
7. ENTREPRENEURIAL ECOSYSTEMS: knowledge transfer 
8. TOURISM KNOWLEDGE TRANSFER IN BRAZIL: The gap between academy and industry. 
Public- Private partnerships for knowledge transfer
9. Collaborative Marketing Strategy for Tourist Development and Regeneration of the Metropolitan Coast of Naples
10. Tourism Innovation-oriented Public-Private Partnership for the development of smart services at the destination
11. The destination triangle: Towards relational management. 
12. Strategic and Participatory Planning in la Comarca de Los Alerces: The process and outcomes 
13. Intelligent governance for rural destinations: lessons from a European project. 
New approaches
14. Measuring the Quality of Destinations: A Portuguese Case Study 
15. SOCIAL MEDIA AND KNOWLEDGE TRANSFER IN TOURISM: Implications of the use of social media in business analysis 
16. Art, Architecture and Archaeology. Pompeii and Oplontis 
17. Knowledge transfer through journals: A Multidimensional Approach in Tourism Research 
18. New Tourism Distribution Channels 
19. Conclusion 
Marcella De Martino is a researcher at Institute for Research on Innovation and Services for Development (IRISS) – National Research Council (CNR). Her main research field is port competitiveness from a managerial and organisational perspective. In recent years, she has broadened her research interests to include: knowledge transfer and tourism destination competitiveness; service innovation and collaboration for SME’s competitiveness. Extensive research has resulted in a large number of national and international publications. She is a founding member of the t-Forum Association. 
Noel Scott is Professor and Deputy Director of the Griffith Institute for Tourism at Griffith University, Gold Coast Australia. His research interests include the study of tourism experiences, destination management and stakeholder organisation. He is a frequent speaker at international academic and industry conferences. He has over 210 academic publications, including 13 books. He has supervised 18 doctoral students to successful completion of their theses. Prior to his academic career, Noel worked as a senior manager at Tourism Queensland and Research and Planning Manager at Suncorp Building Society. 
Mathilda Van Niekerk is an Assistant Professor in the Rosen College of Hospitality Management at the University of Central Florida, USA. She has over 100 academic publications (refereed journal articles, books, book chapters, case studies, encyclopedia entries, training manuals, industry reports and conference papers). Her research focuses on festivals and events, destination marketing and management and hospitality and strategic management. Dr. Van Niekerk is the Managing Editor for the International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management (IJCHM). Prior to her academic career she had extensive experience in mega-events and festivals, local economic development, tourism and trade in South Africa.

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