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Issues in Science Education: Science Competence in a Social and Ecological Context

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20 Feb 1991
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
264 pages - 156 x 234 x 17mm


This book presents a collection of papers from an international symposium on Science and Education in the 21st Century held at the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences as part of a celebration of their 250th anniversary. The papers, written by leading scientists and educators, review the competence achieved by science teaching in secondary schools as well as the issues facing science education. The book also gives the first overview of what we know about sex differences in science achievement and attitudes, and analyses the factors behind these differences. Ecological aspects in science teaching are also discussed as are recommendations about science teaching for the future.
Preface, T. Husen. Science Education in Response to Technological Development. Welcoming statement, K. Lindahl-Kiessling. Opening statement, T. Husen. Address, F. Mayor. Scientific literacy and the future labour force, H. Brooks. Comments, S.B. Lundstedt. School Science Achievement: International Comparisons. Achievement in science education in 1984 in 23 countries, T.N. Postlethwaite. Comments, G. Grimvall & N.G.J. Gralen. Specialization in science: 1970 and 1984, J.P. Keeves. Comments, D.J. Waddington. Girls in science and technology, U. Riis. Comments, K. Niblaeus & A.M. Israelsson. Science Education in a Social and Ecological Context. Teaching youth about the environmental impact of science and technology, A.V. Baez. Comments, R.F. Edberg & A. Jansson. Science in society: impact on science education, J.L. Lewis. Comments, G. Marx. Issues in the education of professional scientists, engineers and technologists, S.B. Hagstrom. Comments, K. Lindahl-Kiessling. Issues in the scientific education of the citizen in the high technology era, A. Wijkman. Comments, H. Kida. Educational effectiveness: psychological problems and possibilities, H.J. Walberg. Comments, Y. Lindberg. Forum: Problems of Science Education and their Solutions. A technologist's viewpoint, G. Grimvall. A psychologist's viewpoint, B. Lomov. A social scientist's viewpoint, S.B. Lundstedt. A science teacher's viewpoint, H. Pilstrom. A science writer's viewpoint, F.W.G. 'Mike' Baker. Concluding comments, T. Hagerstrand. Appendix: list of participants. Name index. Subject index.

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