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Issues in Entrepreneurship: Contracts, Corporate Characteristics and Country Differences Vol: 14

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14 Mar 2003
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
270 pages - 150 x 225 x 22mm
Advances in the Study of Entrepreneurship, Innovation & Economic Growth


Entrepreneurship is recognized as critical for the growth of both individual firms and overall economies. Entrepreneurship fosters the introduction of new products, processes and organizations. It provides the flexibility and dynamism required for responding to new market opportunities and challenges. Despite all of this, entrepreneurship is not well understood. Who is an entrepreneur? What conditions promote entrepreneurship? How does it differ across firms and across countries? Fortunately, as revealed in the chapters included in this volume, there is an active research agenda on entrepreneurship. There is information for academics, business people, and a lay audience on vital issues including, collaborations between R&D firms, corporate entrepreneurship and firm growth, technological change and entrepreneurship in Taiwan, venture capital, cross country comparisons of entrepreneurship by women, the characteristics of high-tech enterepreneurs, and the leading US business plans competition, MOOT Corp.
Issues in enterepreneurship - contracts, corporate, characteristics and country differences, G.D. Libecap; the contractual structure and innovative effects of pharmaceutical-biotechnology R&D collaborations, Z. Hansen; corporate entrepreneurship - the dynamic strategy for 21st century organizations, D. Kuratko, M. Morris; the "resource balance proposition" - balancing resource allocation and firm growth, L. Cox, et al; applying priniciples of corporate entrepreneurship to acheive national economic growth, J. Hansen, T. Sebora; the entrepreneurial success of Taiwan - synergy between technology, social capital and institutional support, Hung-bin Ding, P. Abetti; economic and institutional determinants of venture capital duration, D. Cumming, J. MacIntosh; women entrepreneurs - an international comparison, T. Lituchy, et al; nascent high-tech entrepreneurs - the who, where, when and why, K. Allen, T. Stearns; the MOOT Corp Competition - catalyst for entrepreneurship education and entrepreneurial activity, G. Cadenhead.

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