Intimate Relationships and Social Change: The Dynamic Nature of Dating, Mating, and Coupling Vol: 11

Sampson Lee Blair
University of Buffalo, USA

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20 Sep 2017
Emerald Publishing Limited
288 pages - 152 x 229mm
Contemporary Perspectives in Family Research
Over the past few decades, there has been a dynamic world-wide societal shift away from traditional routes for finding a partner and establishing intimate relationships. This multidisciplinary volume investigates the impact of online dating and the role of technology in relationship formation; the nature of cohabitation and its relative meaning with marriage; assortative mating patterns; the role of parents and siblings in the selection of a partner; gender and sexuality within dating and mating; evolving forms of non-traditional marriage; the interplay of personality and sociodemographic traits within partner selection; and the role of race, ethnicity, and religion in dating and mating. Together, this collection provides a unique and truly global collection of research on the nature of dating, mating, and coupling, as they occur across a variety of cultures.
Chapter 1. "Enjoy the Heat of a Log, and Heed the Advice of the Elders": Religious, Educational, and Neighborhood Determinants of Parental Influence on Spousal Choice in Nepal; Emily McKendry-Smith 
Chapter 2. "….And Here We Are…": Influencing Factors of Intimate Partner Preference among Married Couples in Nigeria; Olufemi Adeniyi Fawole and lasunkanmi Adebiyi Osho  
Chapter 3. Intergenerational Conflicts and Resistance of Daughters in Suburban Turkey; Aylin Akpınar 
Chapter 4. Changing Gender Role Expectations in the Family Formation Process through the Lens of Ambivalence; Kadri Raid and Kairi Kasearu  
Chapter 5. Educational Assortative Mating and Female Breadwinning Trajectories: A Group-Based Trajectory Analysis; Yue Qian  
Chapter 6. Dating & Mating in Adolescence: A Model to Predict Pathways of Relationship Outcomes; Giovanna Gianesini 
Chapter 7. The Transition to Adulthood in Individualistic and Collectivistic Cultures: Prevalence and Timing of Premarital Cohabitation and Direct Marriage in Germany and China; Barbara E. Fulda  
Chapter 8. Marriage and Cohabitation amongst Rural and Urban Women in Western Mexico; Ana Josefina Cuevas Hernández  
Chapter 9. Living Apart Together Relationships in Later Life: Constructing an Account of Relational Maintenance; Jacquelyn J. Benson, Steffany Kerr and Ashley E. Ermer  
Chapter 10. Technology Use and Its Association with Romantic Relationships; Lacey A. Bagley and Claire Kimberly 
Chapter 11. The Aftermath of Dating Relationship Dissolution in Emerging Adulthood: A Review; Jerika C. Norona and Spencer B. Olmstead
Christina L. Scott is an Associate Professor and Chair of the Department of Psychological Sciences at Whittier College in Los Angeles, California, USA. Christina attained her Ph.D. in Social Psychology from Kansas State University, has published in a wide range of books and journals and is globally renowned for her sexuality research lectures. 
Dr. Sampson Lee Blair is a family Sociologist at The State University of New York, Buffalo, USA. He is a Fulbright Scholar Award recipient (2010), and has served as Chair of the Children and Youth research section of the American Sociological Association, as Senior Editor of Sociological Inquiry, Guest Editor of Sociological Studies of Children and Youth, and on the Editorial Boards of Journal of Divorce and Remarriage, Journal of Family Issues, Marriage and Family Review, and Social Justice Research. He is a recipient of the SUNY Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Teaching and the series editor of Contemporary Perspectives in Family Research.

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