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Internationalization of Research and Development and the Emergence of Global R & D Networks Vol: 8

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04 Dec 2003
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
228 pages - 156 x 234 x 14mm
Research in International Business and International Relations
Three important developments underscore the internationalization of R&D since the early 1990s. First, MNCs from North America, Europe and Japan have increased their cross-border investments in R&D. Second, the roles played by the overseas R&D facilities of these MNCs have evolved from primarily acting as "technology transfer agents from the parent company to the host country" to that of a "resource for the development of technologies for the local, regional, and world markets." Third, MNCs are beginning to integrate their research activities on a global scale and a number of MNCs have established global R&D networks. This volume sheds light on the internationalization of R&D for research and technology management and international business scholars, industrial R&D practitioners, and government policymakers. Drawing on contributions from North American, European, and Japanese researchers, the volume addresses the above-mentioned three key developments and related topics on the internationalization of R&D, including investment motivation, location decision, R&D networks, and the management and organization of R&D.
Perspectives on the Internationalization of R&D: internationalization of research and development: empirical trends and theoretical perspectives, M.G. Serapio, Jr. et al; knowledge exchange and cross-border innovation in the multinational corporation, I. Zander, O. Solvell. Investment motivation, location decision, and global R&D Networks: analysing the locational pattern of international corporate technological research, J. Cantwell, E. Kosmopoulou; globalization and networking of R&D activities by 19 electronics MNCs, Takabumi Hayashi; globalization of R&D: a survey of foreign companies in Japan and some comparisons with foreign companies in the United States, Satoshi Iwata, D. Methe; the location choices of R&D activities in Canadian multinationals, J. Niosi. Management and organization of international R&D: differentiation, integration, and organizational tension: some evidence from R&D internationalization by Japanese firms, Kasuhiro Asakawa; network centrality and power among nationally dispersed technology units, J. Medcof; NEC Research Institute after ten years - design considerations and lessons learned, Mitsuhito Sakaguchi.

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