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International Urban Planning Settings: Lessons of Success Vol: 12

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02 Aug 2001
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
480 pages - 159 x 222 x 38mm
International Review of Comparative Public Policy
A group of academics and practitioners in urban planning and development present an array of essays, primarily focused on Pacific Rim cities, that analyze successful policies and programmes in urban development and explain why they have worked. These essays identify a number of key themes of change that are leading to innovation in strategic planning and management of urban regions/cities in the context of globalization, economic restructuring, social change, and the changing interface between government, the private sector, and the community sectors. These themes include, among others: electronic commerce and its impact on urban development, community involvement in planning, historical preservation, strategies for central city growth and revival, private sector versus government leadership in planning, creation of new cities from scratch contrasted with reinventing existing cities, and tools for urban planning and management. This should be a useful tool to all those actively involved and interested in the process of urban development worldwide.
International Urban Settings: Innovations in Planning Approaches (J.F. Williams, R.J. Stimson). Part I: City and Regional Planning Strategies. Planning for a vibrant central city: the case of Nayoya, Japan (A.J. Jacobs). An economic development strategy for Cairns (B. Roberts, J. Dean). 'Model Singapore': crossing urban boundaries (V. Savage, C.P. Pow). The Long Beach story: a California city, repositions itself (R.A. Watson, M. Perez). Shenzben: the pioneer city in China's economic transition (M.Y. Wang et al.). Criteria for urban development processes: managing the virtual organization (E.D.F. Wyeth). Part II: Participation, Partnerships, and Renewal. Against harbor reclamation in Hong Kong: lesson of success (C. Wing Ho). A partnership approach to urban renewal in Brisbane (T. Reddacliff, R.J. Stimson). Railways and reurbanisation in Perth: case studies of success in urban public policy (P. Newman). Kanazawa: creating a livable city through historic preservation (A. Tani et al.). Continuity and change in Macau's historic landscape during a period of transition (B. Taylor). Part III: Special Events and New Technologies. World's fairs and urban development: Lisbon and EXP098 (M.L Wilson, L. Huntoon). Planning issues and the new generation technology economy: comparative regional analysis and the case of the U.S. national capital region (R.R. Stough, R. Kulkarni). Electronic commerce: planning for successful urban and regional development (R.G. Fletcher et al.).

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