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International Perspectives on Crowdfunding: Positive, Normative and Critical Theory

Jérôme Méric
Universite de Poitiers, France

Isabelle Maque
Universite de Poitiers, France

Julienne Brabet
University Paris-Est Créteil, France

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29 Apr 2016
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
312 pages - 152 x 229 x 27mm
Crowdfunding as an entrepreneurial phenomenon substitutes traditional sources of finance (banks, financial markets, governments) for the crowd. Socially and economically, it is challenging the traditional boundaries that have been set for centuries between industry, the financial sector, and the public. Though its basic principle cannot be considered as a radical innovation, crowdfunding as a rapidly growing practice calls for renewed management, legal, and governance patterns. Descriptive inquiries on "how to do it" are multiplying but crowdfunding remains a fuzzy subject for research and reflexivity. This book gathers the best recent research outcomes on the managerial and social impact of this new practice. The need for theory is three-fold, for both scholars and practitioners. Positive theory is needed to understand how projects are organised, how (and why) they may succeed or fail and how governments consider this new practice and try to regulate it. Normative theory can provide templates and "recipes" to develop projects, and provide advice on which models are more efficient. Finally, critical theory is needed to consider the social and economic impact of crowdfunding.
PART I: POSITIVE CROWDFUNDING THEORY – MICRO ECONOMIC UNDERPINNINGS, CONTINGENCY FACTORS AND REGULATION ISSUES 1. An Industrial Organization Framework to Understand the Strategies of Crowdfunding Platforms - Paul Belleflamme and Thomas Lambert 2. Equity Crowdfunding in Africa: How Can Investment Micro-Behaviors Make the Crowdfunding Macro-System Work? - Gwenaelle Oruezabala and Simon G. Peter 3. Crowdfunding: How and Why People Participate - Liz Gerber and Julie Hui 4. Crowdfunding for Social Enterprises: An Exploratory Analysis of the Italian Context - Bernardo Balboni, Ulpiana Kocollari and Ivana Pais 5. Crowdfunding Legal Framework: An International Analysis - Franck Juredieu and Sebastien Mayoux PART II: NORTMATIVE CROWDFUNDING THEORY – MODELS, MODES AND CONTEXTS 6. Creating Project Legitimacy - The Role of Entrepreneurial Narrative in Reward-Based Crowdfunding - Denis Frydrych, Adam J. Bock and Tony Kinder 7. Crowdlending as a Socially Innovative Corporate Financial Instrument - Leire San-Jose and Jose Luis Retolaza 8. A Social Network Approach for Crowdfunding - Jorge Renato Verschoore and Rovian Dill Zuquetto 9. The Investment Model of Crowdfunding for MSME (Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises) in India - Ritu Srivastava 10. Is Crowdfunding Sharia Compliant? - Sophie Nivoix and Fatima Zahra Ouchrif PART III: CRITICAL CROWDFUNDING THEORY – SOCIAL, LEGAL AND ECONOMICS IMPACTS 11. Crowdfunding in Present Society: Deconstructing the Zeitgeist - Jerome Meric 12. Equity-Based Crowdfunding: Allowing the Masses to Take a Slice of the Pie - Abbey Stemler 13. Crowdfunding Seen through the Lens of the Psychological Contract - Remi Jardat and Yvon Pesqueux
Edited by Jerome Meric, Université de Poitiers, France Isabelle Maque, Université de Poitiers, France Julienne Brabet, Université Paris-Est Créteil, France

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