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International Marketing and Purchasing: From Marketing-mix to Relationships and Networks Vol: 9

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21 Jan 2000
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
356 pages - 156 x 234 x 20mm
Advances in International Marketing


The collection of papers presented in this volume are the results of research undertaken by a group of scholars examining the field of international marketing and purchasing (IMP). This group of researchers has been conducting IMP studies over the past two decades in a multi-country setting. This book is a good overview of marketing as a discipline and provides insightful writing on the latest developments. The book can be used as supplementary text in courses as Business-to-Business Marketing, International Marketing and Marketing theory.
Introduction: from mass marketing to relationships and networks (P.N. Ghauri). Conceptual Issues. Strategic action in networks: the role of technological resources (R. Thomas, D. Ford). Activity structures in distribution: a framework for analyzing efficiency (A. Dubois et al.). Interorganizational information system technology adoption effects on buyer-seller relationships in the retailer-supplier channel: an exploratory analysis (R.P. Vlosky, D.T. Wilson). Discontinuity in networks: issues and initiatives as initiators (G. Easton, L. Araujo). Industrial marketing in a postmodern era (B. Cova). Black holes in networks (L. Hedaa). Empirical Evidence. Roles of marketing in high technology firms: an empirical study in process control industry (A. Rajala, K. Moller). Information on customer satisfaction: the phenomenon of filtering in supplier-customer networks (B. Gunter, T. Platzek). Technological interweavement: a summary of past research and new findings concerning the moderating influence of context variables (H.G. Gemunden). Meeting the challenges of new frontiers: networks in Canadian technological innovation (D.L. Andrus, S.T. Parkinson). A view on political and business actions (A. Hadjikhani, D.D. Sharma). Applications. Entry strategies and the global expansion of service industries (R. Sarathy). Exploring buyer-seller relationships in bank marketing (C.G. Thunman, N. Seyed-Mohamed). Modeling relationships between advertising agencies and their clients: an application of survival analysis (L. Liao et al.). An interaction perspective on strategy content (H. Sminia). Turning the company around: the network perspective (M.G. Conca).

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